Tuesday, June 26, 2007


In Memory of our late Father, the former president of the republic of uganda. Alhaji Idi Amin Dada who ruled uganda since 1971 up to 1979. we your children created this website to remember you, and the good things you did for uganda. read more about our beloved father from another website also created by my young brother, Jaffar Remo for both our father, and our grand father Amin Nyabire. our father died in in August. 16-2003 at king faisal hospital, & buried Aug. 16-2003 in Jeddah Soudi Arabia. read more Info by clicking on the web. here. http://www.idiamindada.com/Al-Amin_Foundation.html http://ugandan-community.blogspot.com/ http://ugandan-communityinvancouverblogspo.blogspot.com/ http://ugandan-community.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html http://www.newspaperindex.com/ dady you will always remains in our hearts forever. we missed you. our prayers. May almighty allah rest your soul in eternal peace aamin. From Mr.and Mrs. Mariam Alemi Amonye Junior & Family, In Vancouver Western Canada. peace,love,unity is a road to success.

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