Monday, March 24, 2008


Re. the three Pictures are of sister Khadija dressed in Kinubi Tradditional dress. in is in Hamburg. Europe. Added by me Majid Alemi Junior, in Vancouver, Western Canada. March. 24,2008.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Vision Online : Prophet Mohammed birthday celebrated

New Vision Online : Prophet Mohammed birthday celebrated


Re. we Ugandan Muslims in Vancouver, Western Canada, and The Former Presidend of the repiblic of Uganda. my dad, Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada together with the Former King of Saudi Arabia respectively joined Fellow Ugandan Muslims Brothers,and Muslima sisters in Uganda, Plus the Guests, Also Afro Arab Youth Conference. By Majid Alemi Amonye Junior & Family, the President Of UMAIBC. in Vancouver, Western Canada. Peace,Love,Unity are the way to Success. Salam Warahma. March. 19,2008.


Col. Gadaffi Led the Prayer at Nakivubo Stadium in Kampala to comemorate the Birthday of Prophet Muhamed [SAW] also he open the old Kampala officialy today. March. 19,2008. Millions of Muslims Warshipers Attended the Ocassion, including 9 heads of States, all the Ambasadors were Invited. Yoweri Museveni together wither with Gadaffi & other Heads of states tour the Masjid/Mosque inside. we Ugandan Muslims Association in Bc as well Canada. Sends A Special Greetings to all the Guests, The Mufti of Uganda Muslims supreme Council and all his committees. we wish all the visitors a Happy STAY AND SAFE journey home. From the Presidend of UMAIBC. Majid Alemi Amonye Junior & Family, in Vancouver, Western Canada. Email: me. at. Jazak Lahu Kheir.

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Health suspends officials
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By Anne Mugisa and Irene Nabusoba

The Minister of Health, Dr. Steven Mallinga, has interdicted three officials and five drivers implicated in the theft of drugs from the National Medical Stores (NMS).

“Following a thorough forensic audit initiated by the Internal Audit and Management of NMS, staff found responsible for some of the problems that emerged have been interdicted,” a statement by the minister read. The audit recommended that information systems manager Peter Daka and head of marketing and sales Jennifer Luande be suspended, pending further investigations.

A third official, invoicing clerk Angel Sabiiti Mungati, and five drivers were to be handed over to the Police for prosecution. The drivers are Cyrus Ssebowa, Yusuf Kajamiti, Henry Masaba, Peter Nabuti and A. Mboizi.

The interdiction follows an internal investigation “after persistent press reports of drug thefts,” Mallinga said.

He ordered the NMS board to advertise and recruit a competent manager. The NMS has not had a real general manager for two years since the expiry of Robert Rutagi’s contract. Newton Mwesigye has been acting manager.

The minister said in Parliament recently 50% of the drugs distributed to the districts was being stolen.

The Anti-Corruption Coalition put the figure at 75%. “Essential medicine is supposed to be free of charge in Uganda,” the group said in a leaflet as part of its sensitisation campaign.

“Unfortunately, essential medicine is most often not available in thee public health facilities due to mismanagement and corruption. Up to 75% of the medicine distributed to the health centres is leaked.”

The New Vision last December broke the story of a scam within NMS in which drugs worth hundreds of millions were stolen involving a network of conniving personnel.

Mallinga said the ministry was concerned about the NMS being the main supplier of bulk medicines to all the public health facilities.

The ministry, he added, had commissioned a taskforce to study the medical stores ‘in all its aspects’. The taskforce is supposed to recommend the course of action.

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