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UK embassy stuck with dead man for 38 years
Tuesday, 31st July, 2007

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By Milton Olupot and Margaret Ziribagwa THE Ugandan High Commission in London has kept the remains of a Ugandan for 38 years. Members of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, who are in London to assess the conditions of the Uganda government properties there, were shocked when they discovered the remains at the basement of Uganda House. Ssebuliba Mutumba (Kawempe South) yesterday said the body was identified to be of Luke Kitono, aged 36 at the time of his death in 1969. The body was cremated and the ash kept in a wooden box with a metal plaque, bearing the inscription of the deceased’s name and date of death. According to Mutumba, the commission said the next of kin could not be traced, rendering it difficult to return the body home. Mutumba, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the explanation. “How can a whole embassy fail to return the body of its citizen for 40 years? This is unimaginable. Why haven’t they contacted the relatives of the deceased? This person must be having relatives, ” said Mutumba. The committee, chaired by Nandala Mafabi (Budadiri West), accompanied by the Auditor General and staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff, have been in London for a week. Lt. Saleh Kamba (Kibuku) described the state of the Uganda House as “terrible and in need of renovation. He said the roof was leaking and the walls are cracked. He added that the properties were managed by Holdings Ltd, while some of them had been sold off. “We want to have a proper accountability of the Government properties, including what was sold

Monday, July 30, 2007

uganda cultural assocition of BC BBQ

Hi Everyone,A few people have been toying with the idea of holding our midsummer classic BBQ on Sunday of the BC-Day long weekend. That happens to be on Aug 5, 2007.Typically, the BBQ kicks-off at 1:00 p.m. to dusk, or whenever some wiseacre urges us off . The purpose really, besides sampling the sizzles of summer, is to see, be seen and be able to mingle with members of the community - to touch base, so to say. It is always an event never to be missed.We are considering hosting it again at the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park on Fraser Park Dr., off Byrne Road - cross street, Marine Way. I think the Eastern arm of the Park served us well last time, and we should go back there.I will keep you informed as the day draws nearer. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me.Enjoy the summer,Alfred. Re. BBQ suggestion from me about the location to be fair to every one are the strout lake in vancouver if possible. Mr.& Mrs. Mariam M. Alemi Junior. in vancouver western canada. July, 30, 2007. my regards to all..

Sunday, July 29, 2007


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this is to inform all family members and invited guest, that the larubein dua for the late, baba amule amin will be on thursday. 12th, 2007 at his house in arua west nile. thank once again for the family mebers of Idi Amin Dada to attend the ocation that took place in adibu [kakwa clan in koboko district on july. 6-7, 2007. it ended all ok.... more »
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Re Discussion Forum About Our Late, Father Former President of Ugnda. Remo Pse. Write article about him here. in this discussion Forum created Specialy for you to publish, post Family group photos, news about home, events in the community. about your book you wanted to write. and more. your URL. Weblogs. as follows. [link]... more »
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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Stage Live Performances and onsite Lectures Schedule Friday, July, 27, 2007. 11AM-7PM & on Saturday, July, 28, 2007. 10AM-7PM secondly, Mosque Open House &. International Food Fair. Saturday, August, 11, 2007. 11am-4pm. Free Cultural Food. Islamic Art Display, Mosque Tour every hour. Masjid Al-Hidaya &.& Islamic Cultural Centre. 2626 kingsway avenue, Port Coquitlam BC, v3c, 1T7 http://www.islam-canada.com/ http://www.islamicinfocenter.org/ http://www.saudihouse.org/ http://www.multiaction.org/ Bravo.

Protect land tenants
AS a Ugandan, I have been pondering over who is responsible for giving out land as well as solving land-related problems, which people are facing today. It is unfair for the rich landlords to evict tenants without any sympathy, the recent example being the Mukono incident where a school and several homes were demolished. The 1995 Constitution had given both the landlords and tenants a fair deal where the latter would pay busuulo to the former without the tenant getting evicted. Why should law enforcement officers keep looking the other side when actually a lot of harassment is going on? Rashid Ssozi,Makerere
Asking Stanbic Koboko
I am disappointed with the services that are offered by Stanbic Koboko Branch. They are not transparent when it comes to exchanging foreign currency especially dollars. Their exchange rates are far less than what is on the market and as if that is not enough, one has to pay an extra 1% of the net total money transacted. Could they be taking advantage of our rural location where Bank of Uganda may not be monitoring them? Someone out there should help. This seems like exploitaiton of the weak by those who feel they are stronger. Henry Wakowu,Koboko
Got a problem in your area?Write to Alarm Bell,The Daily Monitor, P. O . Box 12141,Kampala. Fax: 232369E-Mail: Letters@monitor.co.ug


Special Greetings to all brothers and sisters in jeddah soudi arabia from both of us in vancouver western canada, as in uganda home land. & arua & koboko, west nile region, in particullar. message of reconciliation. all the family to work together. open communication as co operation. correspondance is very important. http://jeddahsblog.wordpress.com/2006/09/19/15/ http://ugandan-community.blogspot.com/2007_04_01_archive.html http://ugandan-community.blogspot.com/2007_03_01_archive.html http://jeddahsblog.wordpress.com/page/2/ http://www.arabnews.com/?page=1&section=0&article=95201&d=20&m=4&y=2007 http://canadianeconomy.gc.ca/english/economy/issues.html From Mr.&.Mrs. Mariam M.Alemi Amonye &.Family, in Vancouver, Western Canada. July, 27, 2007.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Source in Arua. The vice President, prof, Gilbert Bukenya, has delivered the 100 chicken and one ton of unland rice. he promised women groups during his recent visit to the West Nile Region. Handing over the six month-old chicken to the resident district Commissioner, Ibrahim Abriga, on friday, the vice presidents senior private secretary, Suleiman Sembajja, said the donation was aimed at helping the women fight poverty. we appreciate it than nothing. Secondly, [NUSAF] asked to build Ayume School. The Source in Koboko Said, President Yoweri Museveni has directed the northern uganda social action fund [NUSAF] to construct a secondary school in koboko district in the memory of the late, Attorney General, Francis Ayume. also we the children of the Former President of Uganda, Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi created Idi Amin Foundation, Charity org, as well we request the muslims nations to build the Islamic University branch in koboko in his name, in recognitition to his contribution to the country, he keept the country together, he was the founder of the economic Independence in Uganda, a good father, a wonderful husband, a great leader loved by his people ugandans as well many friends around the globe. continue Ayume, who was also the MP for koboko, died in a car accident at Migyera in Nakasongola district. the reason behind causing his death still remains ansolve. the kakwa people in koboko as well around the globe are seeking an answer from the govt. of uganda. for clear axplanation to the fact of the matter. as suspicous roumers continue to flow around the community. continue that was on his way back to kampala from masindi in may. 2004. Addresing the district leaders at Hotpot Hotel in koboko town on tuesday, the minister of stae for northern uganda rehabilitation, David Wakikona , said the school would be in recognition of Ayumes contrbution to the country. the chief administrative officer, Ismail onzu, said they plan to construct the school near Ayumes burial place at Laiko, about 6km off the arua-koboko road in midia sub country. we gave the NUSAF management unit a proposal worth sh.90m, but we have not yet recieve the funds. He said the money would put up two class rooms, a science laboratory, library and Administrative offices. the sorce said. Alemi Amonye Junior and Family, in Vancouver Western Canada.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Re Welcome to kakwa community in koboko west nile region the culture, beautiful view of koboko village, and many more. [ETC] http://www.kakwa.org/ http://www.kakwa.org/photos.htm http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/17/577848 enjoy the beauty of koboko views and group photos. bravo. July, 25, 2007.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Kampala, July, 24, 2007. The Uganda military [UPDF] is investigating a close aide of President Yoweris family after the former army captain demolished a school a court had ruled was built illegally on his lands. read more. http://africa.reuters.com/country/UG/news/usnL24731554.html http://www.legalzoom.com/ http://www.middle-east-online.com/english Secondly, lets not to forget, the creater, created the first human beings on earth, seidina Adam and Hawa. they produce childrens on earth. and this is the way we their childrens shuld follow their path. this message. to democrate s Presidential Candidates, remeber John kerry would be president if he did not suport the people that commits sins. most democrates voted last election to republicans because of point I raise above. people wants change this time, they will only vote for the candidate that pro family value. bare in mind democrates. thirdly, the cnn journalist Anderson prepare the question in you tube. people asking questions to the democrate candidates mostly appears those commits sins. because two ladies ask if any of those candidates elected if they can suport their they consider marriage. not only those women, even the dressed as reverand also the same question for two men, very sad. for people in the country considered to be civilised. many countries distencing themselfes from the western countries because of this malprctice. the world shuold fight this kind evil deads.


Re. the International donors should deal directly with private charity Foundations org knows their people very well in the rural areas. so that, the help reached the needies. govt should not involve in charity business. this due to corruptions, also the will go side, but not all. govt gives harity money to their suporters, I the people that in their political party. also, religion play big roll. donors is to reach to every communities who will help their people in need. http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/16/577621 http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/21/577728 http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/217/577602 http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/220/577687 http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/459/577713 http://www.zimbio.com/company/bloggers http://www.blogs.fancyfinder.com/ http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/ http://www.FederetedMedia.net/ http://www.bidvertiser.com/bdv/bidVertiser/bdv_Publisher.dbm Bravo. http://www.ugpulse.com/

Friday, July 20, 2007


The aims of creating a Foundation in the name of our late, Father, Al Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi are for his memory and rememberence, his Legacy of good things he did for people of Uganda. he was the founder of enomic Independence in Uganda, he hold the Country together, he allows all religions in the country, so the proposed Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemis Foundation, once all papers ready, we will set up the accounts to allow donors to donate directly into the account for the Foundation Charity org. is to help elderly, widows, disabled, orphans, HIV/AIDS to eleviate poverty, poor women, and men, in east africa, Specialy Uganda. which in turn helps them to suport their families and themselves. Al- Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi Foundation society is to help provide employment to women and men living in the villages in Uganda. all regions, Special Attention to the people of west nile regions were left out, thats where our dad is from. arua, koboko, yumbe, pakwach, paida, rhino camp, nebbi, arivu, maraca, ayivu, madi okolo, moyo,adjumani, and many other districts. porverty is an enomous and complex problem. to properly fight poverty and help build susteinable communities using traditional rulers, village heads and town unions. they make policies that have a direct bearing on poor people, who need them the most. All projects take hard work and faith, we are building an organization in the name of our late, Father, the Former President of Uganda, Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi. to remember him for his good leadership to his people in Uganda. that hopes to change and, shape the dynamics of the world. our mission in his name, is to allow the people of africa to attain a level of achievement that they might not reach without the Foundation and society. dady we love you, and we missed you. but you will always remains in our hearts forever. our prayers to all family members that are not with us anmore, almighty allah to rest their soul in eternal peace aamin. From Alemi Amonye Junior and Family in Vancouver Western Canada. July, 20, 2007. http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/13/577098 http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/219/577132 peace, love,unity

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Arivu sub county in arua district commissioned the first tap water system on sunday. the gravity-flow system covers over 6km, with 13 tap stands. it is expected to serve over 5,000 people yhe senior assistant water engineer, Albert Orijabo, said the project was initiated in 2003 after identifying a safe water catchment area read more. http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/16/576659 secondly, this a project of trade fair from west africa in senegal. a senegaly family runing the project here in vancouverwestern canada. go to this website. http://www.westafricanshearbutter.com/ thirdly, the news paper in the gulf. http://www.arabherald.com/ enjoy it. Bravo.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


How Amin's arrest triggered off the mutiny and takeover
In this third and final part of an exclusive report, the Sunday Monitor brings you never-before-published details of the military coup in 1971 that brought Idi Amin to power and changed the course of Ugandan history
Last Sunday, in the second part of this series about the January 1971 Amin coup, we left off at a point when president Milton Obote had given orders for the arrest of Amin as the Head of State was leaving Entebbe Airport for the Commonwealth meeting in Singapore on January 24.
After a meeting in the home of the Inspector-General of Police, Wilson Erinayo Oryema, the army's Quartermaster-General, Lt. Col. David Oyite-Ojok, had decided to take up the principal role of arresting Amin and keeping Uganda under control until the return of Obote from the Commonwealth summit in Singapore.
On the Sunday morning of January 24, 1971, Oyite-Ojok work up, had breakfast, and dressed up in an olive green shirt, olive green trousers, black shoes, and a green jungle hat.
Shortly after 4p.m, he entered his green Land Rover with a Fitted-For-Field radio (FFR) and his driver and headed to the Malire Regimental Base at Lubiri. The driver parked next to the pole hosting the Ugandan flag and Oyite-Ojok jumped out and walked to the Quarter Guard. Something seemed to be bothering him, as he looked angry and lost in thought.
He summoned the Guard Commander, a corporal, and told him to sound the fire alarm bugle. The corporal sounded the bugle and immediately soldiers, as they had been trained, started rushing to the scene. Soldiers who had been out of the barracks returned to base.
When the gathering of men was almost complete, the Regimental Sergeant Major Otuchi Ogwang ordered the soldiers into silence and to listen to Lt. Col. Oyite-Ojok. It was just past five O'clock. Oyite-Ojok then started addressing them-in Luo, which most soldiers could not understand.
When it was slightly past 7p.m, Oyite-Ojok told Captain Charles Nsumba to order all commissioned officers to report to the nearby Officers’ Mess (the present offices of the Joint Clinical Research Centre at Mengo that had once been the home of the Buganda prime minister).
He then jumped back into his Land Rover and drove away. The Acholi and Langi soldiers began assembling in the staff canteen, a hall occasionally used for dances and parties.Captain Nsumba and other officers Lt. Abdallahtif, Lt. Elly Eseni, Lt. Dusman Sabuni, Captain Isaac Lumago, Lt. Kenneth Onzima, 2nd Lt. Juma Ali (later better known as "Butabika") and the Malire Paymaster 2nd Lt. James Obbo, refused to go to the Mess as Oyite-Ojok had ordered.
The mood was now changing and suspicion was growing. As the remaining soldiers who were not Acholi or Langi milled about, puzzled by the strange turn of events, one of them called Sergeant Major Musa Eyega, the deputy Platoon Commander of Malire's A Company, stood up and announced that if anybody was from West Nile, a Mukiga, Muganda, Japadhola, Munyankore or any other tribe, they should "join us or perish."Eyega declared that, from what he could see, there was about to be a bloody purge of the army. It started dawning on the soldiers that this might have to do with the animosity towards the Army Commander Major General Idi Amin.
Eyega then selected a few men under him to get weapons. The A Company was the section of the Malire Regiment that manned the main battle tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APSs), jeeps and missiles.
Lance Corporal Dralega, the section commander of the Reconnaissance Platoon, drove a jeep armed with a Vickers Medium Machine Gun (MMG) to the scene.Assuming that the Acholi and Langi troops would take over the armoury, Dralega led his hand-picked men toward the armoury where, to their surprise, they found a sharpshooter called Corporal Vincent Ogwang and five other soldiers already in battle positions. They had already been deployed there by Oyite-Ojok.
Ogwang and his men opened fire in self-defence at Dralega and his men. A Lugbara Corporal nicknamed "Ojwuku" (after the Nigerian Ibo secessionist leader) crawled on the ground to avoid the fire and seized a gun from one of Ogwang's men and used it to shoot another in the group.
Dralega then set the jeep in gear one, stepped onto the clutch, then leapt out of it, causing it to roar into the armoury, where it crashed. Dralega and his men then seized several rifles.
The action lasted close to two hours and then toward 9 p.m. Eyega and his men then stormed the staff canteen where they put all the assembled Acholi and Langi under arrest. They were overpowered and told to surrender whatever weapon, piece of metal, or anything as tiny as a pin to Eyega's men.
As the Malire men found out, Oyite-Ojok in his address in Luo, had told the Acholi and Langi that shortly before departing to Singapore for the inaugural Commonwealth Heads of State and Government meeting, President Obote had ordered Oyite-Ojok to arrest Amin and purge the army of soldiers thought to be loyal to the army commander.
Eyega then ordered all shooting to be halted immediately in order not to alert any other troops in Kampala to what was taking place at the Malire Regiment barracks. Meanwhile, the Commanding Officer of Malire, Lt. Col. Agustino Akwangu, had arrived at the barracks. On his way from the barracks and back to town, Lt. Col. Oyite-Ojok had dropped by Lt. Col. Akwangu's home not far from the barracks and told him to go and take charge of the situation.
Akwangu, a Langi, arrived in his green Land Rover covered with a weather proof tarpaulin cloth accompanied by two escorts. He was immediately seized and one of the mutinying soldiers immediately charged at Akwangu and cut off his head with a bayonet.Akwangu's adjutant, Lt. Francis Dhutho, an Alur, climbed over the wall and fled towards the Kabaka's lake.
Events now started getting out of hand and Eyega became worried about how the Luo soldiers in the other barracks in Uganda would respond to this most unexpected mutiny.He contacted some colleagues with better experience and training to come in and help him out. They agreed and came in to give the mutiny professional leadership.
The following junior officers came to Eyega's rescue: Second Lieutenants Muki, Juma ("Butabika") Ali, Mawa, Moses Ali, Juma Oris, Isaac Maliyamungu; Lieutenants Kenneth Onzima; Capt. Francis Ogubi, a Samia, Capt. Patrick Kimumwe from Busoga; the Commander of the A Company Capt. Isaac Lumago and Capt. Jackson Avidria both from West Nile; Capt. Sostene, Capt. Nsumba and Lt. Maliyamungu, the deputy commander of Malire's A Company.
They were to be joined later by Capt. Michael Kalyesubula and 2nd Lt. Francis Kakooza, both Baganda. Also involved in the mutiny at this stage was Capt. Mustapha Adrisi, the commander of Malire's Headquarters Company (later Vice President under Amin.) and Adrisi's deputy, Lt. Elly Aseni.
The second lieutenants had been sent to Britain for officer cadet courses in 1968 at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and commissioned in July 1970 by President Obote.This group of junior officers then took over from Eyega and started directing the mutiny.This group of junior officers --- realising that what they had on their hands now was clearly a mutiny that was steadily turning into the beginnings of a coup --- decided to contact their colleagues in other units across Uganda.
They started with Jinja, the second most important military centre in the country after Kampala. A soldier dressed in civilian clothes was given a Vespa scooter and told to head to Jinja and deliver a secret message to one of the men there, Company Commander Capt. Charles Arube, a Sandhurst-trained officer and from the same Kakwa tribe as Idi Amin.
The soldier, Sgt. Juma Dralega, once in Jinja, called Arube from a public phone booth and told him he had an extremely urgent message that he needed to pass on. He then rode to the King George VI barracks and gave the message to Capt. Arube.
The officers and men of Malire in Kampala had switched off their military communication equipment and were observing strict radio silence. The army's daily newsletter called "Part One Order" that was usually distributed to all units in the country to keep officers and men abreast of news in the army, was also suspended.
Arube then took over in Jinja and sounded the bugle and all Acholi and Langi officers and men were put under arrest. A policeman from Jinja's central police station was told to bring dozens of handcuffs, which he later delivered in a sack, driving a Peugeot 404 car to the barracks. All the Acholi and Langi soldiers were peacefully locked up, as had been done in Kampala.
This procedure was repeated in other major military barracks across the country: Major William Ndahendekire in Mbale, Major Yusuf Gowan and Capt. John Simba, a Mukiga, took over the Simba Battalion barracks in Mbarara and immediately sent reinforcements to Kampala.
Two Iteso pilots, Capt. Emadit and Major Joseph Esimu, coordinated the coup at the Gulu Air Force base. All this activity of subduing troops potentially loyal to Oyite-Ojok went on between 5p.m. on Sunday January 24, 1971 and 6 a.m. the following day, January 25, 1971.
The facts above dispute the long-held belief that the coup that brought Amin to power was staged by illiterate and mostly Muslim soldiers from West Nile.A case in point: Far from being an illiterate officer as Henry Kyemba's book A State Of Blood describes Isaac Maliyamungu, the latter had attended Bombo Sudanese Secondary School and later completed his O'Level at Namilyango College before joining the army.
At the Nile Mansions Hotel in Kampala in February 1977 during the rally at which the Anglican Archbishop and two cabinet ministers were accused of being part of a plot to oust Amin's government, Maliyamungu stood just behind the shoulders of the alleged conspirators to ensure they did not omit a single line of the confession statements they were reading at the parade. Only a reasonably educated person can read and understand such complex statements in English.
By 10p.m. on January 24, 1971, Radio Uganda had been taken over by men in two APCs and the technicians on duty ordered to play martial music continuously. That was when most of the country realised that something dramatic was underway.The coup was by now also taking on an international dimension.
Major Robert ("Bob") Astles, a British national, long time resident in Uganda and friend to both Obote and Amin was in a secret location in Kampala handling the more complicated phase of the maneouvres.
Astles sent messages back and forth between Uganda and Kenya to unidentified British Major at the joint British-Kenyan army base at Nanyuki, a trading centre in central Kenya.
The messages between this British Major and Astles were sent to Amin and passed on to the Chief Signaller of the Uganda Army, Lt. Col. Michael Ombia who was based in Jinja and who, along with men under him, had changed the radio frequency used by the Uganda Army and the coup plotters communicated via a new frequency that only they could log onto.
At the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, an Israeli General called Rabin had set up a temporary communication centre and was coordinating tactical information with the British via Colonel Baruch Bar-Lev. Bar-Lev, who was the head of the Israeli military training team in Uganda, coordinated the coup from his home along Princess Anne Drive in Bugolobi, a residential district to the east of Kampala.
A flurry of orders went from the British Major to Astles, Amin, Ombia, from Ombia to Capt. Francis Bakabulindi, the chief signaller at the army headquarters at Mbuya, then on to other army units along with the Malire Regiment.
It remains unclear to this day whether the General Rabin coordinating the Anglo-Israeli hand in the coup from Nairobi's Hilton Hotel was the chief of staff of the Israeli army, General Yitzhak Rabin, who later became Prime Minister.
After Radio Uganda was secured, the Chief Medical Officer of the Uganda Army, Col. Dr. Gideon Nsiiko Bogere drove to the Malire barracks. He said Amin, still in a secret location, had called him and asked him to check on the progress at Malire.
Seeing that the coup was progressing well, Col. Bogere asked the soldiers what they would explain to the world if they were asked why they had staged the coup.That was when the Malire troops realised that they had succeeded but had not thought about a formal statement. They quickly set up a team of men to draft a statement to be read over Radio Uganda.
Although he was a Langi, the Chief Clerk of Malire, Sgt. Major John Ogole (later a Brigade commander in the in 1980s in the UNLA), was deemed reasonable and was brought from the room where the detained Acholi and Langi men were still locked up and requested to write a draft statement explaining why the army had overthrown Obote.Ogole, with the help of men under him like Corporal John Murangira, a Munyankore, Sgt. Isaac Bakka, Sgt. Shadrak Remo, Capt. Jackson Avudira, Capt. Abdul Kisuule, Capt. Stephen Amimi, thought out reasons for the coup.
Ogole, who had been taking down notes by hand then had the reasons compiled to 18 and typed using typewriters in the room as other soldiers watched. That afternoon, at 2:30 p.m, Amin --- who had not been seen in public since the day President Obote was seen off at Entebbe International Airport en route to Singapore --- arrived at the Malire headquarters driving himself in an open jeep and seated next to him was a Malire staff officer named Capt. Valentine Ocima.
As Amin entered the barracks, soldiers stood up and applauded him, quietly chanting "Jogoo! Jogoo!" (Hero! Hero!). He then addressed them and thanked them for their part in the coup.
A junior officer from the army headquarters at Bulange called Warrant Officer Sam Wilfred Aswa was dispatched to Radio Uganda carrying the freshly typed 18-reasons statement. At 3:45 p.m., Aswa read a short statement on Radio Uganda:
"Here is a message from the soldiers of the Uganda Army....", whereupon he read out the eighteen reasons for the overthrow of the government of President Obote.Just after 6p.m., the Inspector General of Police --- Wilson Erinayo Oryema, an Alur by tribe but whose family had settled in Acholi and who had done much to shield Amin from harm in the preceding few months --- came on the airwaves of Radio Uganda to endorse the coup.
"I, the Inspector General of Police. Mr E.W. Oryema, have met Major-General Idi Amin Dada, the Commander of the Uganda Army and Air Force. After discussion today, the twenty-fifth day of January 1971, I have agreed that from today the army has taken over the government and it’s now the military government..."
By then, one of the largest crowds ever seen in Uganda was taking shape in Kampala, with hundreds of thousands of hysterical men and women flooding the streets to welcome the military coup.
That same day, the British government announced that it had recognised the military government. The following day, the only two countries in Africa that were never colonised, Ethiopia and Liberia, became the second and third to recognise Amin's government.
Idi Amin was now in power.

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Re. visit ip switch wu center http://visit.ipswitch.com/WUcenter http://www.naturalreaders.com/demo_et.htm secondly, yesterday, the larubein funeral dua of late, baba amule kivumbi amin ended very well. alot of people turn up, amoung the guest of honour were, major general gowan, major ahmed dudu was with APC in masindi, capt, nasuru ondoga, lt. col. ratibu mududu was head of military police intelligence in uganda, and present government official in arua & koboko, th MPs n west nile, district commissioners both of arua & koboko, representatives of yumbe sub district, d.c of moyo & his delegations, d.c. of adjumani with his officials, Idi Amins Families in all uganda regions some from abroad, the videos & the audio of the speeches of both the events of july. 6-7 in adibu cla in koboko plus of thursday. 12, 2007 of arua are on the way. we will share with the rest around the globe. stay tuned. from alemi amonye junior, in vancouver western canada.


Based on Astronomy, Muslims will begin firsting on september, 13th 2007. worldwide. start budgeting saving for the holy month of ramadhan. also muslims nations to assists the vulnerable muslims where ever they are in order for every muslims to fast. especialy in the poor countries, including africa, for example uganda, arua, koboko, moyo,adjumani, gulu, kitgum, lira, soroti,mbale, tororo, busia, igangga, magaga, jinja, kampala, kibuly surbub, kawempe, naguru, bwaise, bombo, wobulenzi, luwero, kigumba, masindi port, masindi town, hoima, port portal, kasese, katwe, kilembe, busenyi, bukonjo, renzururu, mbarara, kabale, masaka, impigi, entebbe. ETC. moroto. http://arabnews.com/?page=1&section=0&article=98392&d=12&m=7&y=2004&pix=kingdom.ipg&category=kingdom http://www.un.org/Depts/dpko/missions/monuc/index.htm enjoy it. bravo.http://www.arabnews.com/

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Introduction: Our Raison d’etre, is Social Justice; we are encouraged to Build a Just Community characterized by practical compassion, in which there is fair distribution of wealth. A social welfare within a stable Political environment is crucial to suitable development and prosperity. This Social concern has always been a essential part of the Vision of all great Religions and Social Welfare institutions around the world. Our Scope:If we take the host of past leaders of this Country from Ben Kiwanuka, Mutesa II, Obote, Idi Amin, Yusuf Lule, Godfrey Binaisa, Paulo Mwanga, Tito Okello & Yoweri Museveni; then you galvanize their progeny Both sons & Daughters into a committee, we as recognized members of the 1st families do & will be able to wield the kind of influence governments only dream about, Both in the Country & the Diaspora at large. This is because we have the undying love & Affection of our regions in totality; this goodwill cannot be ignored and has the capacity to disrupt whole processes including political harmony in many circumstances, we saw this with the Kabaka Yeka movement, the 1966 crisis, the 1971 2nd Republic, the 1972 civil war, the 1979 liberation war, the 1980s election crisis, the anarchy of the early eighties, the guerilla insurrection in 1981 & the toppling of Obote for the second time by his high command. Believe you me the number of disillusioned souls amongst my community in West nile and the Northern .....is disheartening. As the youth, we should stand up and make an example to our community that despite the minimal education we have and all the odds stacked against us Muslims/ Kakwas, we must at least try and achieve some hope in life well within the boundaries of our beloved country Uganda. I would dearly love to be an example to my Muslim / Kakwa community that as a returnee from exile, we can achieve great things within our beloved motherland Uganda. Introduction of a Returnee:On 1st October 1990, at age 23 years old, I set foot back in the country of my birth Uganda for the first time after a decade-long hiatus in exile in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain, I have somehow managed to find a life with which to live out my cherished hopes and aspirations from quite unexpected circumstances within the realm of relative Urban peace, unity and modernization which has been the inspiring definition of M7’s regime in my beloved Motherland Uganda. I have been in Uganda since Oct- 1st 1990. All thanks and praises to Allah for his blessing Alhamdu Lillah, thanks and praises to the memory of Malik Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud whose words have kept my family in honorable refuge and sustenance in the Adode of Dar El Islam for the good of the family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are forever grateful for the final honour of burying our dearly beloved father in the Holy Land. I do however appreciate the constrained political environment we find our Saudi guardians in at the moment, with Fundamentalist militant upheavals on going. It is understandable that these matters are paramount to our Saudi Guardians at the moment. Many Ugandans in the Diaspora left Uganda for both Political and Economic reasons. However ,Ugandans in the Diaspora rake into the Ugandan economy self centered remittances of upwards of 700 million $ US to 1 Billion $ US annually rightfully to their families at home; this is projected to peak at 1.5 billion $ US annually by 2011. It is there fore imperative to encourage the elected Legislators, Jurist and indeed the Executive to Strengthen the status of our citizens who chose to live abroad so as to assure the Ugandans in the Diaspora to continue to place Priority and concern towards their place of origin (Uganda). The Crucial issue of the over 1 million Ugandans in the Diaspora placing an Absentee Vote during Referendums or General Legislative and Executive elections must be expedited in Law and enacted in Parliament before the 2011 General Elections as an incentive so as to foster a definitive sense of Loyalty and Unity of purpose with their former Country of Origin. This issue is crucial to encourage Ugandans in the Diaspora to Re-invest readily available avenues of Credit Facilities in the Ugandan Economy, taking advantage of favorable external interest rate in the developed economies of the Americas, EU, and Asia. This was clearly demonstrated during the recent Stanbic Bank Share Capital floatation campaign. Hope in sight: I was heartened when H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni responded with a conciliatory note on all past leaders following the demise of The Late President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote and hope this shows the way forwards for the whole nation of Uganda following the demise of the Father of the Nation. My presence at Obote’s Funeral in Akokoro City , as one of many of the children of the Late Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada was to show respect and convey my personal condolences to the bereaved family of the Late Dr. Apollo Milton Obote . The Proposed Truth & Reconciliation Conference when implemented will resolve the matter of seeking forgiveness from each other, we went to Akokoro to convey a personal condolence to the bereaved family of the Late Dr. Apollo Milton Obote . Vision:I envisage twin city symbiotic alliances between individual Ugandans in The Diaspora and their individual preference and focal interest i.e. district of origin vis-à-vis the acknowledged need for dual citizenship for Ugandans in the Diaspora where our leader sighted that just like clan heritage, citizenship formed by either heritage or spouse is indestructible. Both sides can work together to ensure the following needs are met at Sub county level. In every of the 78+ Districts of Uganda, funded wholly by the Ugandans living abroad who have duel citizenship & have access to both the stock markets in East Africa and the North American, EU & Asian stock markets or credit facility. Promote Uganda’s cultural heritage and values at their adopted second homes while enhancing Twin City development Programs through exchange programs in the following key sector:- ? Health ? Education? Commercial ? Culture The Goal: Co-ordinate Ugandan citizens in the Diaspora towards pro-people developmental actives in their region or district of Origin in Uganda and Northern Uganda in Particular. Re-ignite the cordial relationship between Uganda and the Islamic Conference countries and the Common Wealth Countries which Uganda is still a member. Converse for Funding from the GCC countries who operate Interest free loan arrangements in their banking system, we should utilize this soft loan facility, which charges Zero interest. Proposed Objectives:Alternative sources of Funding: It is imperative that during this advanced stage of western donor fatigue, with open domestic pressure focused on developed countries to focus there resource on domestic issues as advocated by their electorate, donor funding will steadily continue to dwindle ,declining to critical levels. Uganda has there fore got to explore new alternative means of funding the remaining 49% of our annual budget through different avenues. Thankfully through the favorable and encouraging recent Debt forgiveness rendered by the Paris Club, our debt now stands at a reasonable 1 Billion $ US in 2007. Asia and the Middle east hold the key to this alternative source of funding, even our Regional Trade Agreements in Africa member states hold the Key to this new avenue of funding. Proposed Activities:1. Traverse the target Ugandan Diaspora Groups: in the USA, EU, Asia and the Middle East, conversing for bilateral cooperation in the Key sectors of Health, Education, Commerce and Culture. Unite the Ugandan Diaspora under one single A-Political Vision of developing their place of origin at regional or district level. 2. Soliciting support for pro-people development project proposals : from each district in the country under the stewardship of the elected MPs both at District and the Woman representative who will co-ordinate the exercise and Explore and encourage Ugandan citizens to be able to vote under Absentee Ballots for Referendums and General Elections for Legislative and Executive Office. 3. Reinvigorate alternative sources of funding: especially in the Dormant Middle Eastern and Far Eastern Countries whose economic clout has of late been appreciate e.g. Indian Sub- Continent and China who are emerging Economic Super Powers. Tap into alternative avenues of funding or income generation apart from the established Donor nations. 4. Point by Point, Phase by Phase annual performance evaluation: and implementation of the UN Millennium development goals at District level under the stewardship of the elected MPs both at District and the Woman representative who will co-ordinate the exercise, with supplemented sources of funding from the Dormant Middle eastern and Far Eastern Countries whose economic clout has of late been appreciate e.g. Indian Sub Continent and China. Evaluate Project Proposals for each 78 district, District level liaison representatives will be headed by the elected District MPs and the assistant will be the Elected Woman MPs for the districts ,Cultural Heads and Sons and Daughters of each district to head delegations to meet their people in the Diaspora as mobilizers for development. Encourage Ugandan Citizens in the Diaspora to promote their unique Heritage in their adopted second homes through twin city Business venture, Websites, Cultural Dance & Drama Festival Exchange Programs from each District in Uganda. 5. Genuine Conflict Resolution: Social-Political over view of causes of conflict in Uganda, the great lakes region and Southern Sudan has to be discussed frankly in order to find a solution to this long standing predicament we are in. This seemingly intractable scenario persists from issues of Identity, Greed and unfortunate lust for Political Power. 6. Rectify Social infrastructural inequalities: which to some seems to be deliberate in order to gain political clout or blockages in access to resources ends up harming an individual State or Political Establishment in Power when their legitimacy is put to Question by both the vested Donor Interest and the affected Political section of society, e.g. The prevailing Dichotomous situation between The haves in the south of Uganda Region and the seemingly intractable twenty year old Have Not in North of Uganda Region who have been left under developed through no fault of their own , thus creating dependency in West Nile, Northern Uganda and the Karamoja Region. However the most contentious scenario that prevails is where conflict has been perpetrated as a means to access land, water or mineral resources, which often sparks off conflict. Certain means have been used in this endeavor; the most common tool is the proverbial Ethno-Religious approach, where by any member of an ethnic group or Religious Sect which experiences a sense of Collective Deprivation or has been lead to cower under a perceived collective Guilt and responsibility for past misdeeds are in a (Judio - Xtian) manner faced with the dire aspect of collective punishment of perpetual suffering. This leads to a siege mentality by both sides who naturally adopts a fortress mentality “Them against Us” as a means of mobilizing or conversing support. Others in state Political Power cynically perpetuate under what I term a collision of the Greedy e.g. The Congo conflict where key factions became cross boarder Political entrepreneurs who callously calculated that it is possible to converse support by highlight peoples social-Political differences to justify Historical or present low level or High intensity conflict in Sub-Saharan African Region. Which has lead to the prevailing grievance felt by particular sections of society in Uganda, The great lakes Region and Southern Sudan. District Level Project Proposals:The combined effort of these Ugandans in the Diaspora can help independently fund the following sectors, based on the individual contributors place of origin, they in effect will be able to own a percentage of any project per region. 500 bed Hospitals per county. Primary Health care dispensaries 20 per sub-county. UPE, 5 Primary Schools per County. USE 5 Secondary Schools per County. 5 Apprentice’s workshops Vocational Schools per District. 1 Polytechnic tertiary education per District. 5 Ware Houses per sub-county. 5 Grain Silos per sub-county. Water Reservoirs 5 tanks per sub-county. Agro-Industry 1000 Hectares per District. Horticulture 1000 Hectares per District. Every District in the Country will allocate 2000 hectares of land on which the above Agro Industrial / Horticulture Projects will be started on, Projects will be facilitated in all the Districts in Uganda. Target Plans per District or Region of Uganda: ? Towards meeting the millennium goals Energy ( Alternative power generation) Solar ? Sanitation ( Sewage waste Disposal systems) Bio Gas plants at District level ? Health Insurance for all (Hospitals/ Health care Centres) ? Commerce ( Agro Business Horticulture) Enclosed Tented all weather habitats ? Education ( UPS, USE, Polytechnics, Vocational Training Centres for Professional Certificates) ? Housing ( Housing Estates for Low, Medium and High in come earners) per sub-county ? Farming ( Large scale Ranching/Industrial Farming) per region with Food security storage Facilities e.g. Warehouses and Grain Silos. Conclusion:To Brothers & Sisters in the Diaspora the above sets an agenda for which we can come together and contribute for uniform development across the whole of Uganda and in every Sector of Human endeavor. The above also gives a candid view of me the writer, I would however like to focus on my main reason for putting pen to paper, clearly considering the large amount of revenue the Government receives from Ugandans in the Diaspora, the Ugandan government is very well aware of the enormous power these Ugandan Citizens holds over the future development of the country. I here by lend my capacity as a mobilizer to the People of Uganda in the spirit of reconciliation & ask my fellow sons of past leaders to join us in this noble & Humanitarian venture.


About this groups of Idi Amin Foundation. to remeber him, the to register and to be helpimg the orphans, the elderly, widows, disables, as well people with HIV/AIDS, Refugees around the globe, to help the poor in africa, and else where. once we recieve the registration no. from ottawa, and victotia, then we will open an account for donors to donate to this foundation non profit org. head office will be open in kampala capital of uganda, and all the provinces. in order to help the needy directly. in canada here, once I recieve the registration with govt. here. then all apointed co ordinaters in both uganda and canada will be publish. http://groups.google.com/group/remoalemidada/about?hl=en http://groups.google.com/group/remoalemidada/feed/atom_v1_0_msgs.xml?hl=en more details will follow. Bravo. July. 10, 2007

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RE. My Pictures, and Family Photos is located in this web. just click and watch the pictures. in order to watch all of the photos continue up to the end. heres the website. http://ugandan-community.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html Bravo. July. 9, 2007.


Re report of gathering in Adibu clan Village Koboko District ended yesterday. tommorrow will be the baba Amules [Larubein Funeral rite, forty days dua at arua home. more details will follow. my sister maimuna, & brother Jaffar Remo, plus uncle baba diliga, awa deiya amin all brief me on phone yesterday. the audio & speeches will follow soon. http://www.muwelidin-community.zoomshare.com/ http://user2.smartgb.com/g/g.php?a=s&i=g20-02225-de http://canada.gc.ca/main_e.html http://www.idiamindada.com/Gallery.php From Alemi Amonye Junior and Family in Vancouver Western Canada. July. 9, 2007. peace,love,unity and reconciliation. Bravo.

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The inside story of the 1971 coup (Part 2)
In the second part of this exclusive report on the inside story of the 1971 Amin coup, the Sunday Monitor brings you how Amin burst into several plots to arrest him and Obote’s order to arrest Amin which triggered off the January 1971 coup
Why Oyite-Ojok hated AminLast week in the first part of this exclusive feature on the inside story of Idi Amin's 1971 coup, Sunday Monitor examined the intrigues within the army, as a group of officers led by Lt. Col. David Oyite-Ojok.
Oyite-Ojok's formal title in the Uganda Army was Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General. There have been conflicting opinions for several decades about whether he attended his cadet training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst or the Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot, both in England.
HATED AMIN: Oyite Ojok
FORMER PRESIDENT: Obote ordered Amin’s arrest
It now appears conclusive that Oyite-Ojok attended the Mons Officer Cadet School but he allowed the uncertainly to remain among Ugandans, since Sandhurst was regarded as the more prestigious school.
At the Mons cadet school, Oyite had failed the commander's paper and only passed the engineer's paper. This is the reason he became the Quarter Master-General of the army, a largely administrative position although he much preferred a battlefield post.
The two men in the Uganda Army of the 1960s most highly regarded in battlefield command abilities were Colonel Tito Okello and Major General Idi Amin.
Whether this was the reason for the resentment that Oyite-Ojok felt toward Amin or whether Amin had mocked Oyite-Ojok over his largely administrative role in the army, is not clear.
The most important question in all this, is why Amin, a semi-literate soldier from a small tribe in West Nile, was so popular within the army and Ugandan society at that time? The answer to this question is the key to explaining several mysteries of Ugandan history.Amin was a man of distinction in many areas and had more outstanding all-round qualities than any other Ugandan soldier.
Amin was the first Black African soldier in the Kings African Rifles army of East Africa to be commissioned an officer, a second lieutenant. The second was Lt. Jackson Mulinge, who as a General would later become the Chief of General Staff of the Kenyan Armed Forces.
The third was Lt. Mrisho Sarakikya of Tanzania, who later rose to the rank of Brigadier, then Major-General in the Tanzanian army. He was the first commander of the Tanzanian National Defence Forces in July 1964.
Also, when Uganda attained independence on October 9, 1962, Major Augustine Karugaba, a young officer trained as a Cadet at Sandhurst, was given the honours of leading the flag-raising ceremony at Kololo Airstrip. Idi Amin was a captain at the time and the departing British insisted that he too should do the honours.
One of the men standing next to the flag staff as the British flag, the Union Jack, was being lowered. However, Ugandan history was later revised to erase any mention of Amin as one of the Ugandan army officers who helped raise the Ugandan flag that night.Secondly, as Army Commander Amin introduced the system by which all officers in the Uganda Army were required to carry with them money at all times (a habit Amin personally carried over when he became president).
Amin had realised that often when lower ranking soldiers got domestic problems, it would take a long time for them to get help because of the army bureaucracy. Amin's solution was that officers had to carry money wherever they went and if a soldier approached them, they should give the soldier in crisis the money.
The soldier's number would then be sent to the paymaster in their units and the money deducted from their wages at the end of the month. Any officer who did not carry this emergency money would be charged with "disobedience of lawful command" under section 252 of the Army Statute. Because of that, Amin earned a huge loyal following among ordinary soldiers.
Thirdly, Amin personally was a very brave soldier. During battlefield operations, he had developed a fighting formation that the soldiers called the "One up, Platoon attack, one up, Company attack". It involved a fast mobile attack on enemy positions in which he would confuse the enemy with conflicting gunfire and encircle enemy positions with his men, before quickly withdrawing. Soldiers were amazed at how few casualties their units got every time Amin commanded an operation and these low casualties endeared him to the rank-and-file troops.
Early in 1963, the Uganda Army commanded by Amin launched a raid into northwest Kenya to repel Pokot and Turkana tribesmen who had invaded Uganda and stolen cattle from the Karimojong. Amin made the incursion at Kacheliba about four kilometres from the Uganda-Kenya border.
Kenya protested the cross-border raid but they had no evidence because Amin had carried it out in such away that the Ugandan troops did not suffer any fatal casualties who the Kenyans would have used as proof of aggression. Neither was there trace that Ugandan troops had entered Kenya.
When Ugandan troops were sent to Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) to bolster the forces loyal to the country’s assassinated leader Patrice Lumumba, Amin applied the same military tactics on the battlefield.
As a soldier, he was both a paratrooper and had basic training as a pilot in Israel. He was fairly good on shooting with the rifle and excellent with a pistol. He actually loved to fire off a bullet at a cigarette in a person's mouth without hitting the person.His slogan, "I fear nobody but God" intrigued many soldiers. Some thought he had spiritual powers that gave him that confidence to utter such statements and drive about without bodyguards.
As an officer, Amin was conscientious, always appearing at official occasions exactly on time and going to his office as early as 7:00 a.m. (This tendency to keep time is what brought Amin close to death on numerous occasions, as would-be assassins could predict at exactly what time he would be at a particular place.)
To the wider Ugandan society, Amin came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. He was as good a soccer as basketball player, motor racing driver, and boxer (he was the undisputed East African heavyweight champion for nine years during the 1950s).
As army commander, this gregarious soldier mingled with ordinary people. He was wont to walk into a bar, declare that he knew everybody in the bar was broke, and then without waiting invitation would offer drinks to all. He generously tipped waiters and waitresses in the bars, hotels, and restaurants he went to.
He also played the electric guitar and accordion (as head of state he gave up the guitar and concentrated on the accordion), and was a good ballroom dancer. So good was he at formal dancing that women always seemed to want to dance with him at State and other formal occasions. He had a fondness for tall women like Madina Najjemba, Mariam Kibedi, and Princess Elizabeth Bagaya of Toro.
Attractive, intellectual and high class women were drawn to Amin as were ordinary women. This background to the personality of Amin helps explain the events that were about to rock Uganda at the dawn of the 1970s.
January 1971, the hour of reckoningWhen January 1971 came along, the tensions between Amin and senior officers under him continued unabated. This time David Oyite-Ojok and Amin's other detractors got Obote's attention.
On October 7, 1970, President Obote accompanied by President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, and President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya visited Makerere College in Kampala to attend a ceremony where the college was to officially become a university-- University of East Africa.
The three heads of state were politely applauded. Amin had not been seen in public for several days, igniting speculation that he had been arrested. Suddenly as Obote was delivering his speech, Amin appeared unannounced, in full battle camouflage, hands buried haughtily in his pockets, and a loud cheer broke out from the Makerere students, who gave him a standing ovation.
The loud and sustained applause that Amin received at Makerere --- Makerere, of all places where only well-educated people are respected --- for the first time gave Obote a full understanding of the paranoia that Lt. Col. Oyite-Ojok had been feeling for the previous three years about Amin. Amin was clearly starting to threaten the balance of power in the country.
On January 11, 1971, President Obote summoned Amin to his office at the Parliament Buildings and coldly told him that the army had overshot its budget by 2,691,343 Pound sterling. (Uganda used to use the British currency in the same way the US dollar is the main international currency today).
Obote also informed Amin about the report into the killing of Okoya which, he said, he had heard pointed to Amin. In mentioning the excess spending of money in the army, Obote was hinting to him that he, Amin, had misused these funds.
Meanwhile, that same day January 11, a secret meeting was held at the home of a civil servant and supporter of the ruling Uganda Peoples Congress party called Maitum Engena in Kololo.
It was attended by a number of senior government officials, among them Oyite-Ojok. They discussed how to impress upon Obote the urgency of having Amin arrested as soon as possible.
Realising that the moves to purge him were gaining momentum, Amin called a press conference at the mosque in Bukoto, outside the city centre on Saturday January 16. At the press conference Amin said the Uganda Army under him would never overthrow the Uganda government. He also denied reports that he had embezzled money meant for the army.
He told reporters that President Obote planned to have him arrested using General Service Unit intelligence agents. Finally, Amin declared: "I fear nobody but God."Amin had been tipped off by a sympathiser in the GSU of the plot to arrest him. Clearly at this stage, Uganda was moving into a crisis as serious as the one the central government had with the Buganda kingdom administration in May 1966.
The director general of the GSU intelligence agency, Naphtali Akena Adoko, had decided to contain the situation before it went out of hand. Adoko, a lawyer, had, like many GSU staff, received his intelligence training in Israel.
In 1970, Adoko had created a wing in the General Service Unit called the State Research Bureau. It was a kind of counterintelligence unit whose work was to keep an eye on leading politicians, senior civil servants, and other prominent public figures that might be a threat to the State or be working for international interests of hostile countries in that intensely competitive Cold War period of the 1960s.
One of the pioneer staff of the State Research Bureau was a young man called Yoweri Museveni, a Marxist who had recently completed his studies at the University of East Africa, Dar-es-Salaam.
Since most of the GSU agents were trained in intelligence by Israeli lieutenants in Jinja or Kabamba barracks in Mubende, it can be reasonably assumed that Museveni was trained in Kabamba (which may partly explain why he started his NRA guerrilla war there in 1981, the barracks he was familiar with.)
For some reason Museveni too --- but independently of Oyite-Ojok --- had developed a hostile attitude toward Amin. The first ever summit meeting of the Heads of Government of the British Commonwealth was scheduled to be held in Singapore in East Asia toward the end of the month. But Obote was reluctant to attend it, given the unsettling situation in the country regarding Amin.
However Obote was persuaded by Nyerere and Zambia's President Kenneth David Kaunda to attend. Fluent in formal, erudite English, gifted with a deep and powerful voice and ringing oratory, these African leaders felt that Obote would best represent Africa's stand that Britain should stop selling arms to apartheid South Africa and white supremacist Rhodesia.
As Obote's staff were preparing for Singapore, Museveni appeared at the President's Office and said he had an urgent message for President Obote. In 2004, the late Adonia Tiberondwa, a minister of industry in Obote's second government, told journalist Andrew Mwenda that the president's staff, being busy, did not attend to Museveni and kept him waiting at the reception.
Museveni had something urgent to tell Obote: Amin, said Museveni, was amassing arms at Bamunanika outside Kampala. He, Museveni, had that information in a report he had compiled on Amin. Somehow, nobody in Obote's office was in a frame of mind to attend to Museveni. Tiberondwa said Museveni became frantic and angrily stormed out of the building.
The feeling among the top layers of political power in Uganda was that the country was faced with impending doom. But still nobody seemed able to put a finger to it, except to feel strongly that Amin should be arrested.
Amin heightened the tension in Kampala by going about his business and repeating his intriguing "I fear nobody but God" declaration. While Amin professed to fear nobody but God, everybody in power in Uganda seemed to fear nobody but Amin.
On Friday January 22, Obote was taken to Entebbe to catch a British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) flight to Singapore. He was to be seen off by the vice president John Babiiha, Minister of Internal Affairs Basil Kiiza Bataringaya and several other cabinet ministers.
And as was the tradition, the senior security officers also saw him off. They included Chief of Intelligence Akena Adoko, Col. Albertino Langoya, Lt. Col. David Oyite-Ojok, the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Col. Wilson Erinayo Oryema, the Commissioner of Prisons Fabian Okware, the director of the Police Criminal Investigation Department, the Ugandan of Pakistani descent Mohammed Hassan, and Col. Tito OkelloThe army commander Idi Amin was not invited but he decided to go later anyway. He drove his green BMW to Entebbe to see off Obote to Singapore.
There in the VIP lounge of Entebbe International Airport Amin found Obote and his inner circle in a closed meeting and it was made clear to him that he was not to be part of that meeting and he was the subject of the tense discussion. Amin left the room.
Noticing how out of place Amin felt, Obote's Principal Private Secretary Henry Kyemba later walked over to him and talked. "What shall you bring me from Singapore?" Amin asked Kyemba. "A radio," Kyemba replied.
Obote's last words to his aides, just before he boarded the BOAC's Vickers VC-10 jetliner were, "Arrest Amin." The official reason for the arrest was to be that Amin had embezzled 250 million dollars intended for arms purchases.
After the meeting, Oryema secretly sent a message to Amin, telling him he had something urgent to disclose. He said Obote had just left instructions for the arrest of Amin.
The next day, Saturday January 23, a meeting was held at Oryema's home in Kampala. It was attended by Oryema, Akena Adoko, Bataringaya, Oyite-Ojok, Langoya, Hassan, and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chris Ntende. At issue was how to go about arresting Amin and how prepared they were.
There was a great sense of alarm in the meeting. Amin was supposed to have been arrested on Friday not long after Obote left for Singapore or at the latest on Saturday. And yet the officials meeting in Oryema's house had been informed that Amin had disappeared.
Something simply did not add up: almost every time Amin was supposed to be arrested or assassinated, it seemed, Amin appeared to get advance knowledge of the plans, and averted them. Who had tipped off Amin this time, the group wondered. Oryema feigned bewilderment too.
Totally alarmed at the prospect that the plan to arrest Amin had leaked to him once again, this time with grave consequences, Ntende was told to get ready and fly to Singapore on a chartered plane to inform Obote that if he did not urgently intervene, there was going to be a mutiny in the army or, worse, a coup led by Amin.
At this juncture, Oyite-Ojok fearing the worst, took matters into his hands. That night, he sat down at home and started planning action that would resolve the problem of Amin once and for all. Uganda was about witness one of the most dramatic days in all its history.
Next week, we shall bring you what Oyite-Ojok did the following day on January 24, 1971 that sparked the coup and marked the dawn of what was later to be called the reign of terror.
Source: Interviews with Rev. Isaac Bakka, former Army Chaplain, 1976-79; interviews with former secretaries of President Obote; background research on the Internet; clarifications from various Sunday Monitor readers; the Uganda Almanac book of records; Voice of Uganda and The People newspaper files, 1971 and 1972

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Re Gulomo Gathering in Koboko, west nile, remo to write articles in Discussion Forum about our Father, The Late President Of Uganda, Al-Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi Foundation. go to this web. http://groups.google.com/group/remoalemidada/manage_editinfo?hl=en your unique links, news, events, places, post photos, ETC. Bravo.

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RE Conection of koboko and arua district on network the mundu weblogs in arua is added into my weblogs in which the events of gulomo you will be able to write via this weblogs based in arua diretly to my blogs therefore the world can watch the events that starts July. 6, 2007. up to July. 14, 2007.just click on this weblogs http://themundu.blogspot.com/ sign in with your present Email as well your passwords you always use for to log in of your Email check. that will be your google accounts from now onwards. because I already added your Email into google accounts. when you click on web, then click on comments thats where you write your report & comment on the web. before posting sign in first then you start reporting, when you finish writting the click post. it will Emmediately be in my weblogs people will be watching the events live, if you include also video webcast. talk to you on phone tommorrow morning your time there. http://ugandawatch.blogspot.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koboko/District http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arua

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Hello brother remo heres another group discussion forum about our late father, former president of the republic of uganda. family members and ugandans- communities around the globe are share their Ideas about our beloved Father. only register with google Account and password to access and paticipates in the group. cick the the web. http://groups.google.com/group/remoalemidada Bravo.


Re. Idi Amin Dada Alemi Foundation. Remo heres new blogs for your use just register your Email and password. click here. http://remoalemidada.blogspot.com/ for video upload, go to http://buzz.blogger.com/ will include adding photos, and more. Bravo. i am gonna phone you tommow morning your time there. Bravo.

Monday, July 2, 2007


World Assembly Of Muslim Youth. Founded in 1972. the world assembly of muslim youth, which has its headquarters in riyardh, aims to assist young muslims around the world in leading fulfilled lives through Islam. read more. http://www.kingfahdbinabdulaziz.com/main/m5020.htm http://www.kingfahdbinabdulaziz.com/ http://www.hajinformation.com/index.htm http://www.idiamindada.com/Islam.html From Mr. and Mrs. Mariam M. Alemi Amonye Junior and Family, in Vancouver Western Canada. July. 2, 2007. peace,love,unity.


Re Gulomo Gathering is now confirm will take place start, July, 6, 2007. up to July. 14, 2007. in koboko district, Adibu Clan. The Organizers are. Baaba Hussein Diliga, Chairman, M.C. Jaffar Remo. and all members of the Adibu Families will Attend. the Invited Guests, 1. The Former vice President Under President Idi Amin, Major General. Mustafa Idirisi. 2. the Political Advisor to M7 West Region, Mrs. Anuna Umari 3. Lt. Gen. Moses Ali, 4. Lt. Col. Former Governor of Central Province, under Idi Amin, Nasuru Abdalla, Major. Ratibu Mudu F/I/o in Miltary Police. Major Mze Yossa, F/ [SRB] the widows of the late, dada. orphans of the late both baba Ramadhan, Baba Major. Moses Abdu Nebbi, All the Aunties koboko distric commissior, the chiefs in the area. government officials in west nile as well around uganda will be in Attendence. Kakwas in DIASPORA also will Attend. I have been intouch with organisers, they keep me informed of the arragements. the events will be carrying live through the website My young brother Jaffar Remo he will be setting in koboko then added into my website this one. I & My wife, Mariam Alemi Amonye & Family sends Specials Greetings to all Brothers and sisters down there, the Elders. the Advice daddy gave me before he died, are of unity amoung the the Family members, avoid the fitina whithin the community, roumers, those who will like to devide the families. phone calls with false Advice. keep me informed, Remo. Check these websites. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeddah http://africanhistory.about.com//od/biography/a/bio_amin.htm http://www.ugandanews.net/story/211536 http://www.thepromota.co.uk/index.php?option=com_contents&task=views&id=225&Itemid=41 From Mr. Alemi Amonye Junior & Family in Vancouver Western Canada. July, 2, 2007. peace,love,unity and reconciliation is the road to success. Bravo.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Re. My Picture Family Photos And Friends. Just Click on this website. to see all our group photos. http://ugandan-community.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html in order to watch all the photos, keep going up tp the end. first pictures will appear, then in middle will appear articles keep going for next photos. just like that. Now if you want to Add your pictures, Videos Audios, click here. http://buzz.blogger.com/ in order to do that register and create your Account with google. the same with http://www.blogger.com/home From Alemi Amonye And Family, in Vancouver Western Canada. Happy Canada day. July 1st. 2007.