Saturday, July 28, 2007


Protect land tenants
AS a Ugandan, I have been pondering over who is responsible for giving out land as well as solving land-related problems, which people are facing today. It is unfair for the rich landlords to evict tenants without any sympathy, the recent example being the Mukono incident where a school and several homes were demolished. The 1995 Constitution had given both the landlords and tenants a fair deal where the latter would pay busuulo to the former without the tenant getting evicted. Why should law enforcement officers keep looking the other side when actually a lot of harassment is going on? Rashid Ssozi,Makerere
Asking Stanbic Koboko
I am disappointed with the services that are offered by Stanbic Koboko Branch. They are not transparent when it comes to exchanging foreign currency especially dollars. Their exchange rates are far less than what is on the market and as if that is not enough, one has to pay an extra 1% of the net total money transacted. Could they be taking advantage of our rural location where Bank of Uganda may not be monitoring them? Someone out there should help. This seems like exploitaiton of the weak by those who feel they are stronger. Henry Wakowu,Koboko
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