Wednesday, July 4, 2007


RE Conection of koboko and arua district on network the mundu weblogs in arua is added into my weblogs in which the events of gulomo you will be able to write via this weblogs based in arua diretly to my blogs therefore the world can watch the events that starts July. 6, 2007. up to July. 14, 2007.just click on this weblogs sign in with your present Email as well your passwords you always use for to log in of your Email check. that will be your google accounts from now onwards. because I already added your Email into google accounts. when you click on web, then click on comments thats where you write your report & comment on the web. before posting sign in first then you start reporting, when you finish writting the click post. it will Emmediately be in my weblogs people will be watching the events live, if you include also video webcast. talk to you on phone tommorrow morning your time there.

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