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Hi Abdulmajid,

Al Salam Alikom, and welcome to our first newsletter. We would like to thank all our members for becoming part of the experience. We value all your ideas and suggestions. You can always share your thoughts with our team by sending us an email here

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In This Issue
1. Mecca partners with Link TV – Mosaic
2. Mecca Launches Literary Corner Channel
3. Mecca Chat Channel
4. We Have a Winner!
Mecca partners with Link TV – Mosaic
At a time when we are all concerned that media reporting is highly biased, Link TV is translating television news from the major Middle East broadcasters and other parts of the world and bringing them to the world audience. As winners of the esteemed Peabody award they are recognized as having the highest level of integrity. is proud to announce that it has begun a fruitful relationship with Link TV by airing their daily broadcast and weekly news summary. Keep your eyes open for new and wonderful offerings as we expand our relationships.

Mecca Literary Corner Channel is pleased to announce the launch of its new “Literary Corner” channel. The Literary section of the portal is dedicated to providing members a free space to express themselves and publicize their poems, prose & any other kind of creative writings. So here, you can add all the beauty your pens write.

Mecca Chat Launches State of the Art Web Chat Service

You have been asking for chat in the Mecca community and we have been listening. We are bringing a very cool flash- based multi-user chat environment to

Here are some of the fun things you can do:

- Instantly create a private chat with one or more friends.
- Join Mecca chat rooms and discuss all kinds of issues.
- Create and be the administrator for public chat rooms.
- Use your web cam and see web cams of up to 3 of your friends at the same time
- Share and display photos.
- Audio Chat.

The Arabic interface is not finished yet but you can still type in Arabic on the chat service….
Actually, you can type in Urdu, Farsi, Malay or any other language too. We are working on the Arabic interface and will release that soon. As a matter of fact, the chat will figure out what language you selected in your profile and use that as the default interface. Yes, of course you can change it.

We Have a Winner! would like to congratulate its first contest winner. “Basmaabuzanouneh” recently gained VIP status, and won an iPod in our July 25th drawing. The prize was presented by Mecca’s Promotions manager Miss Abeer el Jizawi at the company headquarters in Amman Jordan.

Stay tuned for your chance to win!


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