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The Prophet was the most generous amongst the people, and he used to be more so in the month of Ramadan when Gabriel visited him, and Gabriel used to meet him on every night of Ramadan till the end of the month. The Prophet used to recite the Holy Qur'an to Gabriel, and when Gabriel met him, he used to be more generous than a fast wind (which causes rain and welfare)."



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Prince Bandar gets four-year extension as NSC chief
Arab News

JEDDAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Wednesday issued a royal decree extending the term of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, secretary-general of the National Security Council (NSC), to another four years.

King Abdullah announced the formation of NSC on Oct. 16 and appointed Prince Bandar, former ambassador to the US, as its first secretary-general with the rank of a minister. Prince Bandar was Kingdom's ambassador in Washington for 22 years.

Prince Bandar, who was born on March 2, 1949 in Taif, is the son of Crown Prince Sultan. He graduated from the British Royal Air Force College at Cranwell, England in 1968 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).

He received pilot training in both the United Kingdom and the United States, and has flown numerous fighter aircraft. During his 17-year military career, he attained the rank of lieutenant colonel and commanded fighter squadrons at three RSAF bases.

Also on Wednesday, King Abdullah extended the term of Saad bin Nasser Al-Sudairy, adviser to the interior minister, to another four years.


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Downtown Jeddah melting pot of cultures
Arjuwan Lakkdawala | Arab News

JEDDAH: The downtown Balad area of Jeddah is a living cocktail of cultures and traditions. As a site steeped in a rich heritage, it not only offers history but also personifies the harmonic and cosmopolitan culture of Jeddah life.

The holy month of Ramadan is a special time when the Balad flourishes; it is at this time that the downtown area becomes a particular popular attraction.

"I can't see a single thing that the Balad fails to provide. There's a lot of history here. You can buy Bedouin things, modern things, expensive things and affordable things," said Shaqeel Akram, an Indian national.

Akram and his family often visit the Balad's Bab Makkah area to buy Indian spices and to Qabil Street to buy gold jewelry.

Ihsan Iqbal, a Sri Lankan national, said his family enjoys visiting the Balad area to breathe in the history and buy special Sri Lankan vegetables that are not available in other areas of Jeddah.

Helmi Salam Al-Jabri has a stall that sells sweets and fried liver in the Bab Makkah area. "I open the stall each day at 10 p.m. and go home when I've sold out or at sahoor time. It gets very crowded in Ramadan and the crowds reach their peak on the 20th," he said.

When Filipino national Abdullah Sierra first came to the Kingdom, he heard that the most popular Filipino hangout in Jeddah was the downtown area. "It's a favorite hangout for Filipinos. Everybody told me that I should visit Balad as it's also a historical site," he said.

"A lot of Filipinos on their day off go to the Balad and shop. We visit the famous Filipino restaurant called Jalabi and socialize with people from the Philippines and other countries," he added.

Pakistani housewife Shabnam likes to shop for cosmetics and garments in the Balad's Khaskiya area.

"I like to shop in Balad because I don't need to go far for the different things that I need. If I want gold jewelry, Qabil Street is just around the corner and there are shops there that sell jewelry with Pakistani designs. In Khaskiya there are cosmetics, handbags, and nice material for shalwar kameezs."

Mona Al-Zahrani, a Saudi, likes to visit the downtown area during Ramadan.

"I rarely come here. I just come in Ramadan because the Balad always has a huge collection of traditional Ramadan dishes. I don't think you can find these things anywhere else in Jeddah," she said.




September 10, 2009 - (Ramadan 20th, 1430 H)


Abdulmajid Alemi Junior. Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings !

The last ten nights and days of Ramadan are upon us along with great opportunities to make the most of these nights and days. Below, you can review a short post that includes a basic checklist of what each of us can do for the remaining days of Ramadan.

Even if you think you know what needs to happen, a quick review of what the prophet and the Quran said about these days can help in boosting your spirits and get in the right frame of mind. We recommend that you read the short post provided below and provide additional tips on the blog site that can benefit others as well.

If you find the message below useful, please share it with others and multiply your rewards. You can either forward this E-mail or forward the post by clicking on a link present within the post.

Hope and pray that you make the most of the remaining days of Ramadan !


The Last Ten Nights and Days



I hope your summer was restful and was reflective too.

I received the following message a couple of days ago from a community member and it occurred to me that there indeed actions, unpretentious and simple actions, that we can take to uplift and support to a person of promise out there.

Give this a quick read and due consideration and see whether you are equally moved to offer a vote of support to Elizabeth Adiru.

Much regards,


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From: Clara Amaguru
Subject: RE: Plea from Clara Amaguru
To: "Clara Amaguru
Received: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 1:22 AM

#yiv332866859 #yiv1281496989 .hmmessage P { margin:0px;padding:0px;} #yiv332866859 #yiv1281496989 { font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;} Hello everyone,

I may have sent you an e-mail earlier yesterday regarding rallying votes for my young sister. Thanks to several replies I received, I realised that I had given the wrong link. This is how you can vote for her and also view her video plea.

Log in to (you need an account)
Search for classactcanada Elizabeth Adiru
Vote in little box to the top right of the screen
Note: one is allowed 10 votes per day per IP address. If you are able to, vote every day!

Also you can view her facebook page , just search Elizabeth Adiru and there are links there for voting.

For those receiving this for the first time, your e-mail address is attached under "bcc" to protect your privacy.
My younger sister, Elizabeth Adiru in Uganda is competing for a chance to win a scholarship to Sprott Shaw College. She is a Kind hearted, talented and beautiful individual. Her video was approved 2 days ago and she has 9 days to get as many votes to be in the top ten. Please take the time out to view her video (87 seconds only) and vote for her. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to as many well wishers you know.


Clara Amaguru

For quality hair services, products, seminars visit:

TEL 604-438-4550
FAX 604-464-7482


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Millions converge on Makkah for Khatm prayers
Badea Abu Al-Naja | Arab News

MAKKAH: More than two million faithful thronged the Grand Mosque in Makkah to attend special prayers marking the completion of the recitation (Khatm) of the Holy Qur'an at night prayers during Ramadan.

The mosque complex overflowed with worshippers with thousands lining up in the courtyards and streets around the mosque to join the prayers.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, who led the prayers, beseeched Allah to end the sufferings of Muslims everywhere.

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif, senior princes and ministers are in the vicinity of Makkah to monitor the services being rendered to worshippers.

Lt. Gen. Saeed Al-Qahtani, director general of public security, said his department had deployed additional forces to deal with the crowd of worshippers.

Saudi Television as well as foreign channels carried the annual event to viewers around the globe.

The Civil Defense had set out a plan to meet any emergency situation and deployed more than 4,200 officers and readied equipment to carry out rescue operations. The Makkah municipality deployed 4,600 workers to keep the central region of Makkah neat and clean.

The government has made special arrangements to protect pilgrims from swine flu and other contagious diseases. About 200 doctors and nurses were on duty at clinics inside and outside the mosque.

- With input from Anwar Ahmed


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An Eid Al-Fitr message to our expatriates
Tariq A. Al-Maeena

Now that the blessed month of Ramadan has come to an end, its passing should not signal the end of exertions of goodwill and worship that had governed us for this past month.

And as the citizens of this country prepare for the festivities of family gatherings and reunions in the days ahead, let us not forget the countless number of Muslim expatriates among us who stood with us in worship, but who will celebrate the dawn of Eid in solitude, away from family and friends.

Millions have come and gone, and millions remain among us today, some alone and distant from their families, tasked with the duties of helping oil the machinery that makes this country run. Many perform to the expectations required, mostly in silence. Their isolation and loneliness in a land different from their own cannot be simply compensated by the riyals they earn.

Leaving behind fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, wives and children, these foreign workers who reside among us ask little of us as they fulfill their duties. And yet they love and feel like the rest of us; the joys and pains that course through our emotions are not alien to them. Separated on a day meant for togetherness, many will celebrate Eid in solitude and bitter loneliness.

Let us honor them like we honor our own. Let us bestow upon them our best wishes as we do upon those near and dear to us. Let us thank them and expatriates of other faiths as well for the difficult sacrifices they are making daily in leaving their loved ones behind and coming to this country to help us forge a better life.

Many move around us, barely visible or seen. Yet they continue in their toils, expecting very little thanks or gratitude from their hosts while putting in an honest day's work.

Let us begin by ensuring that their rights are protected and dispensed with in the manner and spirit that Ramadan has roused in us. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The merciful ones will be shown mercy by the All-Merciful (Allah). Be merciful to those on Earth, Allah will be merciful to you."

This mercy extends to the proper execution of our obligations to our guest workers.

The Prophet also said, "The likeness of the believers in their mutual love, their mutual mercy, and their mutual affection, is like a single body. If any part of it complains of an injury, the entire body responds with sleeplessness and fever... Allah will continue to help the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother."

This narration emphasizes the fact that our mercy as servants to our faith shouldn't be confined to our immediate circle of family members and acquaintances. Rather it should extend to the entire nation of believers.

On Eid day, most of us will enjoy the blessings of ample food and gifts. But we should never forget those among us, and especially the less fortunate expatriates from Third World countries whose daily existence is one of continuous hardship. These noble men and women deserve our thanks.

Those Saudis who have fasted and stood in prayer at night during this past month with sincere faith must continue to be diligent and dutiful in our worship of Allah, and kind to our fellow residents including the silent expatriates. Such obligations must continue in good faith, even as Ramadan comes to an end.

And while I can personally deliver my Eid greetings to family members, friends and associates, I take it upon myself to use this column to acknowledge our fellow expatriates and thank them for being among us. Eid Mubarak!


Assalamu Alaikum Brothers!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to show your imaginative drawing skills!

You are invited to the Muslim Youth Centre on Saturday, November 14, 2009 from
2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the MYC Boys' Pictionary Tournament.

This tournament is for all males 15 years and older.

There will be 2 players per team at a cost of $20 per team.

Please pre-register by calling:

Ali Husain @ 778-838-5864 or
Sikandar Hayat @ 604-765-4099

Sis Kaniza Ishmail
MYC Management Team
#208-7750-128th Street
Surrey, BC V3W 0R6



Re. WE, I mean me and my Family Request Imams through out the world to Perform the Special Dua Prayer for all our Loved ones that are not with us anymore, including christians & others to pray. for muslims that will be on Friday. 18-2006. now daddys date. 16th this year will be on wednesday. 06. he died August. 16-2003 in Jeddah King Faisal hospital & Lay to rest there the next day. The Late, my dad was the President of the republic of Uganda, for eight years since 1971 up to 1979. his Excellency. Al Haji Iddi Amin Dada Alemi, he was also the commander in chief of the Uganda Armed Forces, he reahed the rank of Field Marshall. he was & still Loved By millions of Ugandans at home & many around the globe. he was agood Father, a good Husband, & a good Leader. only few of his opponents thats writing False as well to mislead the world about him. before he died, he told me to fotgive all those who are talking ILL of him he also forgiven them, The People like those of Peter Mulira & his Co Conspirators still spreading False. in 1972 he Peter Mulira was asked by one of his group who was by then in nairobi by name. John Kazoora use to communicate with Peter Mulira to Draw Money in his Account to supply the rebels that Attempt To Attack Uganda From Tanzania, & repels back by Uganda Armed Forces. Peter did lie to authority that the money was to pay the paople building Johns House in Mbarara. he didnt know that, one of his tribe, by name Ddungu a Major, was working in the presidents office revealed all their secrets. sny how. lets all pray to almighty Allah to rest their souls in Eternal Peace AAmin, Including the Late, Baaba. Ramadhan Amin, The Brig. Dusman Sabuni, he was a Minister Of Power & Industries, The Late. Lt. Col. Juma Oris, He Was The Minister Of Foreign Affairs, The Late, Daughter Of Aunty Deiya Amin in Arua, The Late, Ibrahim Hassan Abia who died in Toronto, & The Late, Muzamil Afoyo, Who was in General Headquarters in signals died in Laco hospital, in Gulu. and many many Others. Peace/Love/ Unity. Around the Globe. From. Mr. &. Mrs. Mariam Majid Alemi, &. Family. in Vancouver Western Canada.


written by Majid Alemi Junior, May 14, 2009

Dear Sir, Majid Alemi Junior,&.Family, The President Of Ugandan Muslims Association In BC. 418 main street. chinatown. P.o.Box, 88073 vancouver. postal code. V6A 4A4 western canada. Nov.21-2008. board of directors. trustees. [a] majid alemi junior. president. me & yasin responsible, & incharge for UMAIBC Account. Mrs. mariam alemi. secretary.[c]Imam Fuad. Cleric Religious affairs, burial,marriages, ETC. [d]bran abe vice president. [e] hamid andeku. executive committee member. [f]mohamoud adebo. incharge captain of sports. [g] Mrs. Leila Andeku. chair lady. womens affairs. and members to follow. salam warahma.

January 2, 2009 10:15 PM

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36 countries to participate in crisis management seminar
Arab News

RIYADH: On behalf of Second Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Prince Naif, Deputy Minister of Interior Prince Ahmad will open on Saturday a four-day international symposium in crisis management hosted by the Civil Defense Directorate.

Representatives from 36 countries and 70 Saudi government departments, a number of international and local experts and representatives of civil society organizations will attend the symposium at Riyadh InterContinental Hotel.

Prince Ahmad will also open an exhibition in which companies manufacturing safety equipment will display their products.

Director of Civil Defense Gen. Saad Al-Tuwaijri, who is the chairman of the organizing committee, said the symposium would come out with practical recommendations to deal with or mitigate the effects of natural and industrial disasters. "It will enable local and foreign participants to expand dialogue in order to realize their common objectives," said Al-Tuwaijri.

He said the large foreign participation was an expression of the world's appreciation to the Kingdom's pioneering initiative to cement international cooperation to confront crisis situations.


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Inexpensive pilgrimage for low-income citizens, expats
Muhammad Humaidan | Arab News

JEDDAH: More than 30,000 low-income citizens and expatriates will benefit this year from a "low-cost pilgrimage" program, said the Ibrahim Jabri, director of the department for domestic pilgrims at the Haj Ministry. "The ministry will provide a number of incentives to companies providing the reduced-cost services to domestic pilgrims, whether citizens or foreigners, if the companies do not ask more than the prices decided by the ministry," he told Arab News in a statement.

Al-Jabri said Haj companies which have no recorded violations for three consecutive years will be rewarded by various privileges, including allocating them more pilgrims and pieces of land in the Holy Sites, and allowing them to hire about 90 percent of their buses from outside. According to the program, the pilgrimage will cost between SR1900 and SR3900.


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29th round of Saudi clubs elections in the UK
Lulwa Shalhoub | Arab News

LONDON: A new term has started for Saudi Student Clubs in the UK following the publication of the latest results of their annual elections on Saturday.

Saudi nationals Turki bin Shalhoub and Ahlam Al-Zahrani were the winners of the 29th round for the academic year 2009/2010. Bin Shalhoub will be this year's head of Saudi Students Clubs in the UK, while Al-Zahrani took over the position of the chief female students coordinator in the UK.

Results were announced in the afternoon at the King Fahad Academy in west London. Male students elected the head of clubs while females elected the chief female students coordinator. Votes were cast online.

Al-Zahrani beat two other candidates with a small winning margin of five votes.

Bin Shalhoub won with a vast margin of 80 votes, beating one other nominee.

Al-Zahrani is a PhD student in her final year at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Sheffield. She was also the coordinator of female students at the Saudi Students Club of Sheffield last year.

"I am passionate about the work I do and wanted the authority that would allow me to achieve more," she said. "I will benefit from the experience of Sawsan Jaad [her predecessor], to share ideas that could be implemented this year and be aware of the obstacles that could confront me so that I could avoid them."

She said the most important way to succeed is to stay connected with coordinators around the UK and have regular meetings with them to share views and ways to improve the female students role in the Saudi clubs.

There are only about six female students coordinators for the 41 Saudi clubs around the UK according to Al-Zahrani. "I hope that there will be one female student coordinator in each club this year," she said.

Bin Shalhoub, who has finished an MSc in management in Southampton on the English south coast, was previously the financial representative at the administrative body of the Saudi clubs. He was also the head of the Saudi club in Southampton last year.

"The support of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, the ambassador and the Saudi cultural attaché encouraged me to nominate myself for this position. I felt that I wanted to volunteer and take part in serving Saudi students in the UK, especially that I come from a family that promotes volunteer work," said bin Shalhoub.

He aims to give louder voices to students by forming a committee that is concerned with collecting ideas and suggestions from those students. These could eventually be presented and discussed during meetings through heads of Saudi clubs around the UK.

Heads of clubs currently meet four times a year, but bin Shalhoub wants to increase these to six meetings.

Meanwhile, Sawsan Jaad, a Masters student at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) who was succeeded by Al-Zahrani, said she achieved the aims she set when she first held the position.

One of the suggestions was to sponsor daycare for students' children under three. The Saudi Ministry of Higher Education is still considering the idea. Another idea she had that was implemented was to establish a 24-hour support hotline for students manned by volunteer students. She thought it was an important step for students who needed immediate assistance.

"I enjoyed working as a female students coordinator last year though it was hectic being a Masters student and a wife," said Jaad.

Among the obstacles Jaad faced last year was traveling to meetings attended by around 50 officials of Saudi students clubs and being the only woman, which made her uncomfortable. Female students' coordinators used to refuse to attend the meetings due to having to mix with men.

"I believe coordinators of each city, where meetings take place, should attend along with the chief female coordinator in the UK in order to support her views," she said.


Hello everyone,

I guess this issue may affect mainly those in the Diaspora. I was reading on the Newvision (Sunday Oct. 18, 2009) some changes that the govt. of Uganda is making regarding citizenship and immigration. It states that:
Ugandans in the diaspora will also be required to pay $400 (about sh760,000) to regain their citizenship, while citizenship by registration will cost $1,000 (about sh1.9m).

My question is , "is this in a way a means of making money from those in diaspora?" I believe, one way or another, those in the Diaspora already contribute a lot to the country interms of investments and remittances to families, relatives and friends. What is your take on this?

Thanks. forwarded by majid alemi junior. in bc.


Ugandan Muslims Association in bc on September 24, 2008
Re: A Special Eid El-Fitre Greetings to all muslims brothers and muslima sisters worldwide. as eid prayers nears, most prbably. oct.1st.2008. some may pray on sept.30th-2008. UMAIBC are requesting for zakat donation lilahi taallah. to give to the needies before eid sallah. send your assistence Addressed to ugandan muslims association in bc. via its accounts. via paypal. visit this website: for details to find the accounts. if this website are twisted, pse. you can send money order to UMAIBC Address. 418.main street.chinatown. P.o.Box.88073 vancouver. bc. postal code. V6A 4A4 western canada. From the President of UMAIBC. Majid Amonye Junior,&.Family. jazakah lahu kheir. zakat lilahi taallah. you will get sawab by subuhana wataallah. once again. eid mubarak from vancouver. we are sunni muslims [minority african muslims]


AL-Qadhafi: President of Libya

You are all invited to attend the African Union symposium which is organised by the Lybian Student Union, Centre 4 Heritage and Ngoma radio. We will be discussing the way forward for Africa. AL-Qadhafi and other presidents would like Africa to unite but there are some selfish African presidents that keep frustrating this vision. For the agenda, venue and directions - see below.






Duncan House, University of East London, High Street Stratford, London E15 2JB (Nearest underground: Stratford station)

DATE: 14TH November 2009 (Saturday)





2.00 Pm Welcome and introduction: (Mr. Edward Lubega)

2. 10 Pm African Union Law

2.30 Pm The political positions of African countries

3. 00 Pm. The type of education in Africa

3.30 pm: Inclusivity: Taking the vision forward

4. pm Acknowledgement

The message: King of Kings of Africa


4.30 pm Refreshments


Organised by Centre 4 Heritage, Uganda Federal Confederates (UFC), 'Ngoma Radio' and ‘The Uganda Citizen’ newspaper

For more information call:

Centre 4 Heritage or Ngoma Radio (07947463829)

01142706010 /07789261278


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To: Majid Alemi Junior


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Plenty of water for the guests of Allah
Anwar Al-Sayed I Arab News

MAKKAH: There will be enough water for pilgrims during the Haj, water authorities in Makkah have announced. Sixty-three water storage tanks in Makkah and the holy sites with a total capacity of 2.5 million cubic meters will be filled for pilgrims’ use, General Supervisor of the Directorate of Water Muhammad bin Ahmad Bughdadi said.

“The actual pumping of water through the networks in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat will start on Dhul Hijjah 6 (Nov. 24),” he explained.

Bughdadi said there are 36 water tanks in Makkah and 27 in the holy sites, the majority of which are in Mina. He added an average of 410,000 cubic meters of water is pumped into Makkah daily.

Bughdadi said large quantities of water would be pumped into the central area around the Haram until the end of the Haj season “because of the large number of pilgrims in this area.” He said the three water pumping stations in Muaisim, Aziziyah and Arafat, in addition to the new station in Al-Kaakiyah residential district south of Makkah, will be operated at full capacity to fill water tankers, which are sterilized at special centers set up at various entrances into Makkah.

Bughdadi said sample quantities would be taken randomly every day for chemical and bacteriological analysis to make sure the water is suitable for human use.

“The water and sewage networks and all the toilets in the holy sites are cleaned and have been made ready for use,” he added.

He said the operation of water and sewage networks and the monitoring of water tanks would be automatically controlled to ensure that they are working properly throughout the Haj season.

There are over 68,500 toilets and 70,000 water taps for pilgrims to use for ablution, laundry and cleaning. Re: Forwarded By Majid Alemi Junior. in BC.


ormer UPDF army commander Maj. Gen James Kazini is reported dead. Kazini allegedly met his sudden demise in the wee hours in his Namuwongo home. Domestic violence is suspected.
Gen Kazini has been undergoing trial in the military court martial over alleged creation of ghost soldiers and for disobeying orders from the Commander in Chief, President Yoweri Museveni son of Kaguta.

Some details from The Monitor:

"Maj. Gen. James Kazini, the former army commander, died Tuesday morning after his girlfriend, Lydia Draru, allegedly hit him with an iron bar.

Family and security sources say General Kazini was killed at his home in Namuwongo, a Kampala suburb.. re. forwarded by hafsa goma in edmonton alberta. i re forwarded it. bravo. majid.

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