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The former president of Uganda, Al-Haji-Idi Amin Dada Foundation are created in memory of our late, Father Idi Amin Dada Alemi. He is remembered as a good father. A Wonderful husband, A Great Leader who kept the country together, a founder of economic indpendance in Uganada. He united Ugandans of all religious denominations. We his children as well many Ugandans miss him. He will always remains in our hearts forever, our prayers to almighty allah to rest his soul in eternal peace. AAAmin.

The organization works on a number of projects that range from education skill development to emergency relief and providing basic food requirements. Muslim mean and women in Dawa provides humanitarian services regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality, ethnicity, to assists help assistance to widows, orphans, disabled, homeless both in Vancouver, Canada and Uganda, East Africa as well around the globe.

Volunteering in our Communities: Supporting the Public and Non-Profit Sectors

Volunteerism touches almost every aspect of Canadian life –from art and culture, sport and recreation, education and research, health and social services, to the environment and religion. Volunteers read, coach, walk, drive, visit, cook, telephone, canvas, run, protest and feed. They write, plant, organize, coordinate, sew, speak, clean, prepare, direct, chair and give. They are parents, friends, seniors, children, teenagers and people who work for a living and people who don’t. They are from everywhere across this nation. Last year, Canadians contributed over 1 billion hours of their time to volunteer in their communities. ( HYPERLINK "" )

Who should volunteer?
· Participation in multiple organizations
· Organization’s mission and volunteer culture
· Total Annual Hours Volunteered
· Number of types of informal helping
· Total Amount Donated to charities ($) (formal and informal)

How to become a volunteer? Things to consider.
· Volunteer opportunities within organizations
· Fundraising
· Board of committee work
· Education and advocacy
· Organizing special events
· Executive or office work (data entry etc.)
· Teaching, coaching, facilitating
· This both in Canada, and Uganda East Africa as well around the Globe.

Why volunteer?
· Counselling or visiting
· Providing care at a hospital or at age home
· Assisting self-help group
· Collecting or delivering food, clothing, etc.
· Building maintenance
· Driving
· Protecting the environment

How to become a volunteer?
· One may have to become a member of the organization
· The organization may ask people to volunteer
· A friend or employer may ask you to join
· Personal initiative
· Personal connection through family involvement

Why volunteer?
· To make a difference in other people’s lives – including your own!
· To contribute to the success of the community – locally and globally!
· To spend time with people who share your values of community giving and social contribution

The reward of volunteering
· Happiness in giving back to the community
· Being a part of making a difference
· Self satisfaction
· Lessons learned through volunteering
· Above all, is the reward from Allah

· To advance education by providing scholarships to Muslim students from low-income families and non Muslim Children as well.
· To relieve poverty by collecting food, clothing, and funds for qualified donees, as well as providing basic amenities directly to the needy
· To provide support services for the needy or poor immigrants and refugees, including information and programs on Canadian culture, life and government services.
· To organize and conduct educational workshops and conferences

Educational Workshops & Conferences In Both Countries Canada and Uganda as well around the world.

· Steps to Success – 2007
· Career and employment counselling 2006
· Communication skills 2006
· Positive Muslim Role Models 2006
· Adapting to the job environments, Self employment challengers, Time Management 2005
· Global issues: Women’s and Men’s poverty/illiteracy 2005
· How to communication with young children 2005
· Ramadan: The nutrition that helps Muslims to grow 2005
· Heroism in Women 2004
· First Muslim leadership training, 2 days workshop for Muslim leaders 2004
· Reaching out to the community 2003

Scholarships – 2007/2008 Academic Year

This is an ongoing project. $20, 000.00 needed for post secondary education scholarships towards the purchase of books for twenty Muslim students from low-income families.

Idi Amin Dada Foundation – 2008/2009 that will provide a storage facility for items for needy families, a computer facility for new immigrant sisters and brother to access educational opportunities, and employment opportunities through the internet. The approximate costs of this project is $265,000 (Two hundred and sixty-five thousands dollars).

Idi Amin Dada Foundation charity. The organization’s work is funded almost entirely through donations. Donations ensure that Idi Admin Dad Foundation in Dawah can continue its important work in providing vital services that improve lives. Donations are welcome and tax deduction.

O mankind! We created you
From a single (pair) of a male
And a female and made you into
Nations and tribes that ye may
Know each other.

Verily the most honoured of you in
The sight of God is (he who is) the
Most righteous of you. the founder. Majid Alemi Junior, and family. in Vancouver, Western Canada.

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