Monday, October 29, 2007


RE: A request to Uganda Government to assist and look after the family of former president of Uganda, Al-Haji Idi Amin dada. this a must acording to the supreme law of Uganda, thats the constitution. the law past in the parliament regarding any head of state, overthrowon, or died, the time of expire, it is the responsibility of any govt in the office, to assist the first family, maintains their houses, or if is pushed down by the poeply oppossed to that leader, as the case with the late, Idi Amin dada, before dady died, he told me on phone that all our homes, 5 in total, was pushed down by the present govt. all my brothers and my sisters, my aunts, uncles, extended families do not have homes to leave in. no assistence to them by the govt. the I get here, I do send them, but not enough for the entire family. the elder sister of my father, by aunty Deiya amin are in arua leaving at dadys old building, have no proper roof licking. while dady was still alive, he send some to start the building but he died before the house was complete. this direct to m7 to get intouch with my aunt in arua. another aunty by name, aunty Rafah Amin in arua, plus my younger brother, by name, Jaffar Remo, since the younger brother of dady died, his name baba Amule, I requested the Jaffar Remo to stay with those of aunties. they now old. another aunty are in kampala, by name aunty dee amin, another aunty are in masindi port, by name, aunty senya amin, my sister maimuna moding,zaituni kaday, asha d/o amin dada some brothers and sisters are in saudi arabia, some are in london, some france, some zurich, some in greece, and me & family in vancouver, western canada. and many other places, my steps moms, the widows for the late, baba ramadhan amin, and the late, baba abdu nebbi amin, and their childrens, taban amin that works with your govt. they disagree with him, he does not present their cases to the authority. I do get intouch with all family members, via group email, and phone. thirdly. I Apeal directly to united nations secretary general to protect amins childrens and all entire families. some of them do tells me that, they are threatened into where they leave with some gunmen this to reffered to unhcr protection unit in kampala. to talk to authority in uganda about this serious threat, or if possible to find them political asylum in canada as family reunification. I am here in canada. From Majid Alemi Junior & Family, in Vancouver, Western Canada. oct.28,2007.

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