Monday, January 28, 2008


Uganda Muslims Association in BC is a registered NR 6849732 having its own Constitution under the Society Act of the Laws of Canada. It is a voluntary social organization of Ugandans Muslims residing in Vancouver, B.C., Western Canada. Some of the important aims and objectives of the Association, as spelt out in the constitution, are as under.

a) To promote social, educational, economic and cultural, religious as well welfare of Ugandans Muslims residing in Canada.

b) To promote, support and organize such activities to encourage the advancement and propagation of Ugandan culture and philosophy.

c) To promote and co-ordinate the activities of Ugandans’ communities both in Canada, back home in Uganda as well around the globe. With a view to advocating, safeguarding and protecting the interest and general welfare and betterment of Ugandans Canadians (immigrants, new arrivals residing in Canada).

d) To support orphans, disables, elderly, poor women, men back home and around the globe, and foster cultural, economic and social relationship among the people of Uganda between Canadians and Ugandans of all communities residing in Canada.

e) To establish Islamic institutions of learning, Masjids/Mosque, here in Canada and in Uganda as well around the globe, sports, recreation, health and any other similar activities in the interest of the association.

f) To co-ordinate and promote the activities of other Ugandan non Muslims community organizations.

g) To promote harmony and mutual understanding amongst various organizations in Canada, and around the world, united nations.

h) To make representations to the appropriate authorities to protect and safeguard the interest and well being of Ugandans Muslims in Canada.

i) The membership of the association is open to Ugandans Muslims residing in B.C., Vancouver, Western Canada and Canada at large. Extended back home in Uganda, as well around the globe who has attained the age of 18 years.

Ugandan Muslims Association in BC

UMAIBC Activities:

Need for a trainer Duluka Druming Dancing Singing

a) The Nubian Kakwa, Swahili language schools purpose is to teach, promote and preserve Ugandan culture to its members and any other interested pupils, and through cultural performances and presentations add to multi culturism in Canada.

b) The activities of the school so far have included teaching Islamic religion, communication in the Nubian Kakwa, Swahili language as well as teaching Duluka Drumming, singing and dancing traditional Nubian Kakway Duluka dance in Ugandan style.

c) While we are proficient in teaching the spoken and written language our ability in enhancing and advancing in the skills with respect to drumming and dancing have reached a plateau.

d) Our students are very keen and have tremendous potential that will be harnessed if we get a trainer to improve our skills in drumming and dancing duluka Nubian Kakwa dance.

e) We have identified such and we need support through funding to enable this individual to teach our students these skills.

Ugandan Muslims Association in BC

UMABC – Presidents Message

Passing on the Ugandan heritage, religions, partly, heritage defines what you are, your very essence. It not only relates to the place of your birth descent or upbringing, but also to the value you attach to your expectations, past experiences and influences. These phenomena act to shape and characterize the individual.

Join UMAIBC. Leads one to review, entrench and pass on the Uganda heritage and religion.

Majid MSF. Alemi Junior.
UMAIBC President email: contuct. Vancouver, Western Canada.

Mission Statement

UMAIBC stimulates and supports cultural, religious and development activities among Ugandan Communities and strives to represent its members before the people and the Government of British Columbia through democratic principals with almighty allah as our guide. our branch office in Arua. Director Co Ordinator. Mr. Jaffar Remo. P.o. Box. 619. Arua West Nile Uganda. in Kampala Branch Office. Contuct. Maimuna Mama Papa.Director. P.o. Box.26738, kampala. Uganda the Mayor Sebagala of Kampala will Assist Mobilised The Volunteers in Central Pronvince plus store/office Facilities. in Adjumani District. Contuct .Directors Florence Urri and Asunta Ojolu P.o.Box. 2, Adjumani District. east Madi. Uganda. Muzamil Ibrahim. The Director in Northern Province. Abdul razak Khamis Director For Western Province. Suleiman and Donne Ramadan Directors in eastern Province. they are all to report to me day to day activities. the headquarters are here in Vancouver, Western Canada. we request for donations worldwide, mostly muslims nations. Mr. Majid Alemi Junior and Family, in Vancouver, Western Canada. email : and salam warahma. January. 28,2008.


alfa sozi said...

hey brothers in canada,whats up.i need yo help bro thier is a guy in toronto who invited me for a job guys.i need yo help brother.the comment on this foundation what i want to say is keep taking this foundation to let every body in the world know that IDI AMIN DADA was a man.

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Hullo we all need greener pastures, how do u help us get that? Abdullah is my name