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As Muslims, it is scknowledged that we should be either: Teachers Learners or Helpers! If we cannot be Teachers or Learners, then let us be Helpers! It is our responsibilty. As Canadians we do give donation to different causes and different organizations, We are known all over the world for our graciousness and help.

We need to support the founders who took the initiative to create various valuable resource for our children, it will be inspirational for good investors to participate in opening or supporting similar groups youth and children facility (ies)The more projects /services like this will ensure less kids on the streets.

As people we must terminate poverty. Children should not suffer in Canada or around the world. We need to invest in our children's future. We must prepare, and equip our children to be good , decent human beings who will in turn contribute to society, instead of only providing them with basic survival. We need to focus in early education of, both cultures, also deal with youth issues. This is our duty as community to provide.

This organizations they want to providing support to parents and encouragement to our children's and youth to help realize their dreams and reach their goals.

The purpose of these organizations and schools is to mould the minds of our future generation and ultimately produce educators, astronauts, athletes,....and so on and on..... of the future Ugandan Canadian next generation. This will help prevent poverty and ghettos in our children future. We must embrace these endeavours because of their importance. We have to acknowledge that our children will benefit from our efforts. We must also acknowledge that the circumstances surrounding the lives of our children is in total disarray with regard to our Muslim as well african culture which sometimes clashes with their country Canadian culture.

As Ugandan Muslim communities we need to introduce ourselves to other cultures in order for other culture to know what Islam means, rather than isolate ourselves and let the media portray us in ways that they want, (often in accurate) for the lack of information, knowledge and understanding and coursing confuse ions in this particular issue for both Muslim and non Muslim in our society.

Our Muslims youth are confused becuase of lack of direction to follow. They cannot choose between their Muslim faith and the liberties that the Canadian culture offers. Those who practice their Muslim faith, are teased and called names. Some of them have absolutely no identity and become "Nobodies".

In our community the people suffering the most are Fathers and Mothers with childrens. Many of them left their mother-land against their will due to civil wars. As they are recent immigrants and refugees, they are relieved to have left behind a culture of war for food , shelter and safety for themselves and for their children. The majority of them are still far to become fluent in the language of their newly adopted country, and , as the years pass by, the children no longer speak their birth language, and that causes a serious break-down of communication, dispelling and respect within the family.

As a result of this we are now faced with:

Our children dropping out of school
Our youth luck of their culture & tradition-family values.
Children with no goals and ambitions
Now this is one part of the reason this group found them self living in our society today ever further below the poverty line.

In terms of primary domestic roles: women find it extremely challenging to nurture and hold together their family, because of lack of family and economical support.

In terms of public roles: women in our communities are limited to take advantage of many opportunities other wise available to them, because in the ability of the lack of community support to provide useful services in language they can understand.

The community is obligated to find people in need and help them in any way they can especially to provide knowledge of available services for family in need including children and youth programs teaching of culture of family values and access to sport activities. Because of lack of fund it seems nothing they can do.

In terms of government funds, provincial or municipality's this organizations find it is so difficult to meet the criteria's and to be eillegible for funds.

It will be worth-whale to find out how to assisting this organization to get organization training. Our communities seem divided based on deep seeded differences based on tribe, and religions. Because of these differences are what made our countries collapse and here also hold us back to success.

We have to learn again to work together as our ancestors did based on fact that we are all equal human beings. We must choose our leaders based on knowledge and qualifications. These are the qualities in a leaders that can help us get to the path of peace and harmony.

Our problems as communities in this country change, and increases over time. A few years ago, parents had basic problems such as new immigrant issues. Today most of these parents have teenagers in their homes. Now they can find themselves dealing with new problems such as an unfamiliar school system, drugs, and more complex issues. As Canadians citizens, we need to support on eanother: Currently, world peace is of paramount importance all over the world. Therefore, spiritual education and culture empowerment for our future generation is imperative.

As Ugandan-African Muslims and citizen of Canada it is also our responsibility to be supportive for our country and to our community services, For example, we need to be "hands on" in every respect; to be involved in such activites like voting and expressing our beliefs in areas that affect the growth of our youth both socially and physically. This will ensure the rights of Canadian Muslims in protecting their valuable concerns.

We as Muslims have distinct beliefs that must be preserved while integrating with the Canadian society. These unique beliefs originate from the Quran. We advocate peace and compassion for all mankind.

"At the foundation of every act of kindness is a simple and compassionate connection between strangers who for a moment are not strangers anymore. Kindness had the capacity to return us to the very core of our humanity" (sic). Let us light up the community with kindness. Lets us all GIVE. Let's start charity at home for the sake of our children, regardless of color or race. We a not only asking or accepting, monetary assistance but volunteering knowledge and physical help as well, to start this project.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD: as Hilary Clinton said Earlier. Is a prject conerning all people of African heritage now living in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Our goal is: To provide and act as central resource for referrals, settlement services, interpreatation in the languages of the communities groups that involve.

Initiate and design programs and services which would meet the specific need of the children and youth through existing communities groups.

Provide awareness of cultural and religious understanding to our youth and to act as liaison between the Canadian and Muslim communities culture and to identify and meet the specific need of the number of growing youth and the children in our communities. Example Education, Knowledge of the system and the rights and expectation of the civil society. Leadership. Language issues, etc

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Hilary Clinton's words is designed to focus on issues concerning the next generation by giving support this existing organizations for issues concerning children and youth activities by providing and finding funds, for the activities facilities and Qualified professional workers.

Ugandan-Community in Vancouver Western Canada. We appeals to the Islamic & world Communities to Assist the Sufferring & needy in around the globe Especially, African Continents torn by way jones. Peace,Love Unity is our Motto. January. 26-2008.


Ugandan-Community African roots are long and strong. Our elders were heroes who survived in difficult situations and stood fast. They had a powerful culture full of discipline respect, love and dignity. We need to reclaim this.

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