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September 20, 2007




In this issue:

* Guidelines on Zakat and Charity !

* Debt, Debt Management and Supplications to rid oneself of debt !


Abdulmajid, Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings !

We hope that you are enjoying your Ramadan and making the most of it spiritually ! In this month, we want to take a few moments of your time to discuss a couple of important topics.

First, as you know, Zakat / Charity is a big topic in the month of Ramadan. Muslims all the world over follow the prophet's guidance to be the most generous in this month. Therefore, we invite you to read a few facts about Zakat and also invite you to read the Zakat e-book included in the article below.

Second, debt and debt management is another important topic for Muslims. Debt has become such a common thing of the present times that some of us are either out there looking to get loans or are doing their best to rid themselves of the loans (and accompanying interest) that we have accumulated over time. The article below provides you the one master Quranic verse that covers the topic of debt and also provides you with supplications that deal specifically for helping oneself relieve from the burdens of debt.

We pray that you are able to put more effort in this Ramadan than the previous years, thus bringing you closer to your Creator than ever before.


Charity / Zakat !

Debt and Debt Management in Islam

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nighatpk said...

Respected Brother Salam-O-Aliekum
It is stated that I am disabled married woman having 2 school going children. I have lost my right leg in my childhood I am using since then artificial leg. My husband is jobless from last many months. We don’t have any other source of income we are living on rent which 2500Rs per month and we are unable to pay its rent.And not able to pay our children school fees and so many other problems of utility bills and kichen.
Respected Brother my appeal to you to help me through zakat. I pray for your success in your work and for your good health in my five time prayers to Allah.
Yours sister
Nighat Shakeel
mobile no

Unknown said... have written very well about the debt settlement in islam..It is no doubt a very good way of keeping the islam and debt.