Tuesday, September 4, 2007


EDITOR—I am writing not to demonise Idi Amin as a killer, as some history books and individuals like Onyango-Obbo, nor am I defending him like Timothy Kalyegira.

I only wish to remind the world and Ugandans in particular that credit should be given where it is due. Amin never minced his words and his decision was always final, a very important aspect in a leader not to mention army commander. When he ordered Asians to leave, they left, international pressure not withstanding.

Amin made up his mind on Kabaka Mutesa’s body and the next day it was here for burial.

I feel a sense of belonging and at home thousands of miles away from home whenever I visit Uganda house in London or New York but it does not help matters for everything at home is on sale!

For example, a defence land title is in the hands of Sudhir Ruparelia!

This makes me wish for Amin’s return. he must be turning in his grave. I live in North America and have been to some parts of Europe and in these areas, I have dealt with questions about only Amin and not any other Ugandan president. Everybody seems to know Amin better than Uganda! Amin will always be remembered.

Hannington Tusubira
New York BRAVO. peace, from vancouver western canada. sept.4,2007.

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