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The Last King of Scotland hosted by Richard Komakech (Administrator)
Does The Last King of Scotland depict a true picture of Idi Amin and Uganda?
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King of Scoland, and despot of Uganda – the narrative of Idi Amin authored by Trym Skarra on 23. March 2007 at 02:46
Muzungos give the narrative dimension of Idi Amin – it`s okey but they forgot about almost 350 000 deaths; the actors play the madness very well but they are still alive. My friends in europe asked me if this is a good movie and I told nupe; if you don`t know nothing about Africa – I told them to see first of all T”he Devil Wears Prada “, then “ Sometime in april” and “Blood diamond” before “Last king of Scotland” because we all need more info., history than muzungo filmmakers are able to give incl. “peoples war”. This bloody film is more about the Scottish doctor than Idi Amin; the narrative makes Idi more stupid than ever and there never really was a Scottish doctor like Nicholas Garrigan – its culture-conflict from the very start; Scotland/Uganda and Nicholas/Idi Amin. I actually realized while watching the film that the narrative structure of The Last King of Scotland mirrors perfectly that of The Devil Wears Prada. Think about it: both stories are about recently-graduated, ambitious youngsters who befriend and learn from horrific, yet accomplished elders and eventually realize that their mentors are evil people. The fact that I would automatically make that comparison shows how deeply this movie fails, when it could have been so brilliant. It seems just like The Devil Wears Prada because the film gives absolutely no historical context whatsoever. We have no sense of how much time has passed, of what Amin has done for his country (whether it's good or bad), or what the people of Uganda think of Amin. In trying so hard to make this a personal tale, Giles Foden's writing robs the reader of the true drama: the actual history of Uganda in the 1970s. Stylistically, the movie fails as well. There are terrible pacing problems in the second half of the film, mainly due to how Kevin MacDonald tried to incorporate a number of Hollywood suspense scenes that of course would never have actually happened. A scene where a character tries to assassinate Amin is particularly poorly handled, as the build-up to the climax is far too lengthy, the crosscutting disorienting and the payoff nonexistent. The best thing about the movie, period, is Forest Whitaker's genuinely terrifying portrayal of the bizarrely erratic Idi Amin. He expresses so many emotions in this film it's hard to know where to begin. He's captivating as the incendiary firebrand, the eloquent general who rallied his country to support his coup through the power of his words. His kindly, paternal demeanor toward Nicholas is very endearing and adds great dimension to Amin, who otherwise is this kind of unknowable mythological character. And his rapid, mystifying mood shifts and rampages become terrifying when considering that he could marshal the state apparatus to satiate his gross passions and whims. The Last King of Scotland is certainly not a kingly movie at all. It's a very shallow view of history that also doesn't work as a piece of dramatic narrative.

But Forest Whitaker will always be remembered as the king of this film. His psychological
darkness is the film's shining light - "The last King"

Movie magic authored by jaky on 22. March 2007 at 23:50
I have had experiences with people where on meeting me for the first time thought I was from one of the Caribbean islands. However, I went on to say that I was in fact from Uganda. Those with sufficient geography or history background or simply watch news and thus have knowledge about world issues; immediately knew where I came from. It warmed my heart of course till someone said, “Oh is that Idi Amin’s Uganda? Tell me is he still alive? What did he really eat?” I was too young to know what this man ate or did for that matter. I had read a book about him and even watched the movie about Entebbe (cannot recall the exact title). But this gave me the crude picture and all. Movie making is all about tapping into the honey pot or potential money maker. Whether is true or not there are instances where the characters are exaggerated for movie magic. The viewers love that. However, the truth may be distorted and it depends on who is telling the story. If you asked some people they may say the man was terrible while others he was alright.
However, if this man made mistakes he is certainly not the first or the last one. There are many worse things people have done and are still doing. So don’t dwell on this if you feel that his character was exaggerated. For example, a lot of my friends from Rwanda feel that Hotel Rwanda did not do them any justice; however, this has passed and now Uganda gets to “shine” though not the way many of us envisioned. Certainly a lot of people will want to know more about Uganda and feel free to open up and educate them.

Movies Have meanings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! authored by adam on 21. March 2007 at 16:30
Movies are not acted to only entertain you Mr. Olaya, they are acted beside entertainment to pass a message to the public about an event in history or some fore thought event and/or character of the society. example watch "God must be crazy", it tells you Namibia is a desert, watch "Binaigeria", they tell you how the socities in Nigeria are organised e.t.c

It is worth it to discus "The Last King of Scotland" with care, because the movie says once was a ugandan president who was brutal and did alot of attrocites.

One of the student meet me on campus recently and asked me " Excuse me sir, from which country " i said Uganda." he continued Uganda of Iddi Amin" i said Yes, he kept quite for some time and said "sir is sex legal in uganda to an extend of playing with one you meet on bus for the first time",i said no , i continued who told you, he said A watched a movie.

That was the massage passed by that movie to many people in the world,
So dont get supprised one day to be abroad and some asks where are from.
You say uganda and he says let go have it tonite,
Yaa am serious because that is the society the movie has told the world you ugandans are.

Most observers here are not aquainted with film writing that is why, objection!...!....! authored by Oloya on 21. March 2007 at 02:32
They are not after truth, they are after entertainment why, when, who, how?

And yet this still send the message about this regime.

The Most boring movie i have ever watched!!! authored by obotha Esther on 20. March 2007 at 18:04
I watched the last king of scotland and even had to throw out the copy i purchased because it was a waste of my little money.

This movie doesnot depict anything near Idi Amin's character. I was so dissappointed because i was at campus at the time this movie was being made. I rushed out to buy one when it was realised but ended up throwing it away not ever wishing that even my kids or friends watch it.

How can someone win an award over that gabbage of a movie???
I donot think that Ugandan women were so loose that they slept with anybody they met on a bus for the first time... leave alone a white person.This movie director should give me a break...uh..

The woman in the movie was so stiff both in movement and in action . Uganda doesnot have stiff women who move like they re on remote control.
One of these days, i will have to make a movie and expose these freaks who think they are the best and want to remove dirt from their friends eyes before they do it to their own.

I think NO, but never underestimate the wisdom of a Mad Man authored by adam on 20. March 2007 at 17:21
As a ugandan I took trouble to instead of watching the movies again I went for the novel and read it more than once to understand the theme of last king of Scotland.

Assuming the story was true I would conclude that fine Amin Did not rule well to some extend.

This story rises alot of questions down reasonable mind and it requires alot of research, I dont think Amin was a wrong president either, but he was some leader who could not be allow him self to be illuminated by so called masters.
If his excellence with due repect thinks that the movie (last king of Scotland)is all about showing how Amin (rest in peace) rulled brutally, he need to be reminded of 1980-86 rebel war and 18 year war in the north. During the rabel war, those who were killed were they killed by choice or by fate chosen by the rebels.
If you died in this war by fate is it not equally brutal..??."if we acted a movies from the events in Sewing the Mustard Seed, my dear you would see how brutal the leaders of Africa come to power, and they forget that they once killed", I can not fogive the current goverment from the people they killed in the rebel war, the toll is greater than the people that you claim Amin killed.

Conclusively, unlike presidents like Binaisa(who did not dip thier hands in alot of blood) i dont think we have a good president as yet and all of them are equally movie stars like Amin.
Lastly we need to understand why Amin did some of those things they claim he did. And do you know why you are reminded of bush war again and again " Think again"


LIES, lies - business as usual in hollywood authored by omuriwe, shilla on 20. March 2007 at 14:22
When I watched the movie I was not disappointed because my theory was proved right – ‘foreigners’ can NEVER re-enact African issues and the sad part is that they easily sell this nonsense they come up with to the unexposed 'non-Africans' for lack of a better word to use.

So what was my disappointment? First and foremost, the fact that I was not proved wrong and secondly is that Whitaker actually won awards for this crap.

1. Please explain to me why or how someone that couldn’t correctly present any of the Swahili lines – not even a single word correctly pronounced - was given an award. The person that should have won was ABBY MUKIIBI for an excellent performance.
2. I was not of age at the time but from what I know of the way girls/ladies are raised in Africa you do not meet someone on a bus and then you are in bed with them the next moment. I believe that was specifically set aside for the Americans or the so-called civilized people.
3. Then you have some Nigerian trying to act as a Ugandan doctor. Ahhh, do I have to say anything about this?? I DON’T THINK SO.

To cut the long story short. I refused to watch Hotel Rwanda just by looking at the clips they were using to advertise it and I believe I made the right choice. It was painful to watch Ugandan history being twisted and modernized to fit the times but what hurt most is that people actually bought that crap and someone won an award. How unfortunate!
It makes me second guess the motives of the producers of BLACK HAWK DOWN (a movie that I actually love and believe was well done but hey, probably some Somali was complaining too). What message are you trying to put out there? Are you trying to avoid similar situations or trying to depict Africans as some hooligans? Why not ask questions like why the Africans would react that way? What mighty ‘YOU’ have done to cause such a situation? Anyone??? …..

I second the proposal to produce our own movies and watch them ourselves if we have to because its our history and not someone’s way of CASHING IN or making the big bucks or name for that matter. Idi Amin did some horrible things and that’s a fact, the Brits did some horrible things and that’s a fact too. I think there are 4 films about Amin but how many have been made about the Brits involvement? Anyone??

My prayer is that God uses his people for the good of everyone. I pray that during productions of such historical facts and issues His wisdom is sought to be able to bring healing and not pain. AMEN!!

cheap stunt authored by ocorobiya lloyd on 19. March 2007 at 10:13
i have not watched the last king of scotland. my comments about Amin shall be restricted to what we all know or should know by now: there was complicility by the west especially by Britain to have Obote killed by Amin on account of his socialist policy viz nationalising the industries and empowering the ugandan. second was coz Obote was making scathing attacks on apertheid in south africa and the arms sales by Britain.

what am i driving at? when Amin overthrow Obote in Jan 1971 was with the backing of the British. they expected to control Amin. In fact they even looked aside when the attrocities were be committed. wasnt there a Brit called Bob Astles who was an Amin Adviser? There Isrealis were also involved at an earlier stage although they fell out.

the last king of whatever is what it should be: the last attemt to depict Ugandans as savages without bringing out blatant complicity. i agree with one writer that we need to make our own movies and show the satanic face of the west. any one remember Patrice Lumumba's torture and death, CIA; the overthrow of Osagyefo the Brits and their American Cousins. they have formented so much havoc in south America.

Let us wake up from the drunken stupor and make our own movie. it may not sell on the international scene but we can do it KiNigeria.

a caveat though: I do not condone whatever evil Amin did or any other President for that matter

long live Ugandans.

"Look beyond your shoulder" authored by Africa kapondo on 18. March 2007 at 21:32
How did this man dramatically act the last king of Stotland without the permision from the Ugandans communities.He has wronglly published Amin. Almost every african governor has ever polluted hiscountry .None is perfect to date. Even the pressent and to be are equally worse than Amin. Death is still huge in their hands using secret leathal tools.Amin has done a lot positivelly to the Ugandans by his moto "Why is that there is no.....Let there be.......from tomorrow. He built Bugolobi Flats,Beaches like Lutembe,etc.Some of his products are being sold out to the foreigners at a give away prices.Men can we come to our senses,value our hero's effort Amin. Tell that man of yours so stop that film

Kojo .W authored by Kusubira on 17. March 2007 at 11:44
Some parts of Mulago could be memorials by what one could see in early 70s. King leopald activities in afr are said to dwarf the latest.


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