Friday, August 17, 2007


Arrest warrant issued for Saddam's daughter
Uganda News.NetSaturday 18th August, 2007
Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for Raghad Hussein, the eldest daughter of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.The woman who helped orchestrate her father's defence against war crimes charges, has herself been accused, among other things, of terrorism. Before Saddam was executed in December last year, Raghad Hussein asked for his body to be buried temporarily in Yemen until, she said, coalition forces were expelled from Iraq. Hussein has been living in Jordan, although it is not clear where she is at present. Interpol's circulation of the Iraqi arrest warrant does not legally oblige Jordan or any other country to act.
Email this story to a friend Instead the International arrest warrant to be Issued to all those who ILLEGALLY tried the head of states & unlawfully executed the president for Iraq Saddam Hussein and some of his cabinet ministers, his vice president murdered in cold blood including saddams two sons killed by macenaries who invaded sovereign country Iraq without the authorisation of united nations security council. against International law. in which George Bush Junior to stand the war crime, plus the former prime minister of britain, Tonny Blair, the prime minister of Australia. they are not above the law. millions killed with American bombardment, until now Iraqi citizens are killed by foreign troops. many raped, tortured in prison. the economy of Iraq is being milked by amirica. 2 millions forced out of their homes. the world should not silent. the same happening in Afghanitan, Pakistan. UN rescue those countries suffering in the hands of foreign troops especialy Amirican troops. concern citizens

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