Friday, August 3, 2007


Alum Nashra laka sadrak
wara faana laka thikrak

Let him say this sura continiuosly until his final release.

Insh Allah.

Note: forwarded message attached. Re. Note. to remo, thank you for your message recieve, the sura you selected above is very strong and will Inshaala help the young brother, For your Info, I was being updated about the case from begining, by the brothers and sisters in london, by then I could not publish it from begining, because the court did ban the publishity of it, but now is lifted thats why I did put in my weblogs, as well the Appeal request on his behalf. remo take the C/Phone for to charge the battery. since I spoke to you two days ago, maybe the power in arua are down. yours elder brother Alemi Amonye Junior and Family in Vancouver Western Canada. the weding are tommorrow in bombo thats what baba hussein diliga told me. and also, sister maimuna told me this morning she is working on something for all of us. I will update you via Email, or phone. Maasalam. my regards to all the auntys.

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