Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Etihad airways to double the number of its flights during the holy month of ramadhan between abu dabi and jeddah and Add Special flights to Madina Al- Munawara. read more http://www.ameinfo.com/130162.html secondly, we Appeals to Muslims Nations to send humanitarian Assistence to poor peoply, around the globe, Especialy in Africa and in Uganda in particullar. where some go without meals. the orphans, the Elderly, The widows, the disabled, childrens in the war zones, the people in west nile regions, arua, koboko, yumbe district, bombo & the Entire country. overseas muslims too needs help. this the time for preperation. Ramadhan Fasting starts. sept. 13, 2007. around the world. the muslims to Invites non muslims to the Islamic centers, Masjids, to your homes for Iftar dinner during this holy month. may almighty allah unites the Umah. Increase Iman into your hearts, play to our loved ones who are not with us, the sick in the hospitals. dont misses tarawe prayers in the Masjid/Mosque. coock food and take to the nearest Masjid to you. We wish you all A Happy Ramadhan Karim. From, Mr.&.Mrs. Mariam Majid Alemi Amonye Junior,& Family in Vancouver, Western Canada. August, 28, 2007. Maa Salam. Peace be upon every one AAAmin.

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