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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that prevents people from understanding what they see, hear or sense. ASD affects reasoning, social interaction and communication. It can affect the functioning and development of the brain and is usually evident before a child turns three years old. It is a spectrum disorder, which means there is a wide variation in how it affects children.
ASD occurs in approximately 1 in 167 children and is four to five times more common in boys than girls. The causes are still unknown. There is no medical test for ASD. Assessment and diagnosis should involve an experienced multi-disciplinary team.
For now there is no cure for ASD. There are, however, highly effective treatment and intervention methods available that can help individuals and their families manage this disorder. Many children with ASD can learn to communicate effectively, share in family life and attend school.
Programs and information for children under 6 years.
Programs and information for children age 6 and over.
Program and Information for Adults with Autism
A Parent's Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Funding Programs (pdf 656 kb, 38 pages)
Additional Information and Links
Autism Society of British Columbia
Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
Autism information from the Ministry of Education
Autism Spectrum Disorder Parent Resource Directory PDF Version (967 kb)
ACT Autism Community Training SocietySuite 240, 2250 Boundary RoadBurnaby BC V5M 2Z3Phone 604 205-5467Toll Free 1-866-939-5188Fax 604 205-5435Qualified Service Provider List link
A list of qualified service providers is maintained by a community service provider on contract with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. You can find the list at www.actbc.ca
PLEASE NOTE: The names for Autism funding programs have changed!
Interim Early Intensive Intervention Funding (EIII) has now become Autism Funding: Under Age 6.
Extended Autism Intervention Funding (EAI) is now known as Autism Funding: Ages 6-18.
The material on these pages is currently being updated so you may encounter both program names as you are looking for information. For instance, the new Policies and Procedures Manual will include the new program names. Other information on theses pages will still carry old program names. These pages will be streamlined and all materials updated in the coming weeks. Thanks in advance for your patience!
Last updated: February 28, 2007 read more. http://www.mcf.gov.bc.ca/autism both Father and Mother of child or Childrens with autism works together to look after their childrens, any money aproved for yhose kids should go directly to both Father & Mother not only mother, as the ministry of childrens and Family do with Autism Fundinf Money for the Programes. the minister should look into that. concern citizen.

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